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I SAW THE MOVIE GUYS!!! it left out A LOT....but it was still really good, but it went really fast, and the simulations were TO fast. they also needed more fourtris!!! they left out the Four & Six quote... but anyway, here's your ten things!!!

#331. An Author's favorite word: Murder. I'm looking at YOU Veronica Roth. (this ones from clairedycat18100)

#332. You bang your fists on the table tops like the dauntless instead of clapping. ( from, OBSESSED_WITH_BOOKS)

#333. You know, Aloe Blacc isn't the man, Tobias Eaton is. (from, Woah_its_Brit_brat)

#334. in the movie, (if you saw it.) you HATED how they left out Al telling Tris he liked her. (I do not ship them but it was important to the book.)

#335. When Uriah died: No, PLease No! NO! NO NO! NO NO NO! NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOO! please No.....

#336. when you see the number four on a any piece of paper, wether it's school or not, you put a heart by it.

#337. divergent code language: #4= Tobias. #6=Tris. #10=fourtris. trains and bravery=dauntless. generosity=abnegation. Kindness=Amity
Allegiant=PAIN. HURT. DEATH.

#338. you REALLY love Uriah. duh.

#339. the divergent trilogy is the definition of Death.

#340. everyday is a war you fight as a fangirl!

Okay kay!!! so guys if you HAVE NOT seen the movie yet, you will cry when you do see it. A. LOT. The most part I cried at was the zip line scene, cause, I HAD to think of allegiant.... when Tobias zip lined for her after she died.... *bursts in tears and uncontrollable sobs* it was sad!!!
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