Justin's POV

“Yo Justin!” I heard Scooter's familiar voice shout out to me from downstairs. I was just getting out of my bathroom after a long day in the studio where I tried putting songs together on the basis of the song lyrics I have written along with my producers who I have been trusting for some years now.

We created melodies and then put the beat together that it would fit with the lyrics and I was a perfectionist when it came to my music so I would always change the tiniest things.

“Yeah?” I shouted back as I wrapped a towel around my torso while my hair was still damp from the hot water. “I did it!” he shouted and I was starting to walk down.

“You did what?” I asked while getting down the stairs and scratching the back of my neck. “You are flying to Munich tomorrow morning, so pack your stuff,” he said grinning and I think my jaw dropped. “What, how long?” I asked.

“For a week, I couldn't make it any longer,” he said and frowned a little. “Man, I seriously love you,” I said with the widest grin ever. “No homo,” Scooter replied to me. “Shut up,” I laughed and punched his arm. “Ow, you are getting stronger and stronger,” he then laughed, rubbing his arm.

I guess that was true because I have spent more and more time in the gym, especially when the loneliness was getting worse. “Well, you are just growing old,” I grinned at him and he gave me a playful warning look before telling me again that I should pack. Walking up the stairs again, I then quickly got dressed before starting to pack my things, the ever existing grin now not leaving my lips.

While getting clothes out of my wardrobe, I had the idea that I wouldn't tell Selena anything about it, getting her by total surprise. The smirk on my face widened and as soon as I was done, I let myself plop down on the bed. This was just fucking perfect.

Arriving at the airport here in LA a week later under the flashlights of the paps of course, me and my bodyguards pressed our way through.

Thank the Lord that I didn't have to go through the normal stuff like all the other passengers. My luggage was already in my private jet and I would just have to get through security which went over pretty quickly today.

Before getting in my jet, I quickly got myself a strong coffee so that I would stay awake longer since I was expecting to need my power later on, making up for all that missed time.

Smirking to myself while walking to my jet over the runway, I got inside with Scooter and Kenny. The other stayed here and as soon as we got comfortable, we heard the pilot asked us if we were ready to go and Scooter said we were and then a bit later, the jet rolled to its starting position before increasing its speed and then taking off.

“I can't believe it,” I said as I leaned back in the seat I had and smiled at the thought of seeing my baby in less than twenty-four hours. “Guess you can't wait, huh?” Kenny said and tried holding back his grin in which he completely failed.

“Yeah, totally,” I said and winked back. Don't blame me, those are the hormones. “First thing will be driving over to her place,” I smirked and closed my eyes while leaning back.

I spent the last night with thinking all kinds of stupid things like that she wouldn't wanna have to do anything with me anymore. I knew that this was bullshit because I knew that she loved me and she always told me and wasn't expecting a thing from me.

She was happy with calling me her boyfriend and always seemed to give and never expect something in return. I was so glad that I found her and I always made sure to tell her.

Our last conversation was just a few hours ago. It was always hard and complicated with the different time zones. Nine hours were sometimes just too much. Fortunately, I fell asleep a bit later and that made the whole journey a lot shorter

Selena's POV

Waking up one morning after a long shift at Marcelo's who was nice enough to offer me a job as waitress and bartender as long as I had a new job and help me stay over water with the bills, I groaned and turned around, wanting to sleep longer but I couldn't seem to find it again, so I stood up and stretched myself.

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