Chapter 20

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Sydney POV

I walked down the hall when I bumped into someone.I looked up into someone's eyes. Might I say he was kinda cute but I ain't got time for that.

"I am so sorry" he apologized.

"don't be.It's all my fault"I said

"I'm Elijah but they call me EJ."He said kissing my hand.

"Umm Im Sydney.Nice to meet you EJ."I said pulling my hand away.

"What you doing in  hospital"He said

"My boyfriend was shot"I said sitting in the waiting room.

"Im sorry"He said sitting beside me.

"Its fine.Why are you here"I asked him.

"My mom is sick.I came to visit her"

"Oh ok hope she feels better soon."

"Can I get your number?Just so we can hangout sometime"

"Ummm sure"I said putting my number in his phone as i was about to walk to the elevator.He walked the opposite way down the hall back to the room he came out of.


She was so beautiful.But she taken.Well we can start off as friends.I decided to text her.

ElijahJ:Hey beautiful


ElijahJ:Im not tryna steal you from yo man but I wanna be the next best thing to you.

LonelyStar:Aiight but I gotta go so ttyl bestfrann

ElijahJ:Bye best friend

I kissed my mom's forehead and walked out.I walked down the hall when i got call from my friend Ray.

"Wassup"I said hitting the elevator button.

"You still at the hospital?"he asked me.

"Yeah why?"

"Could you check on my friend Roc,His girl might be there tho"

"Aiight sure"A nurse told me which room he was in.I saw Sydney in there.When she saw me she looked surprised.

"What are you doing here"She asked

"My friend Ray told me to check on him"

"Oh ok"

We sat there and talked all night.I learned so much about her.We gone be pretty good friends.

3 Weeks Later

Sydney POV

I have to see Tra today.Yep he in jail for a while.Quees said Tra wanted to see me.So I guess I will go.Brii just texted me and said she was outside so I kissed Chres' lips .I miss my baby.I sighed and walked out.We pulled up to the prison.I have a bad feeling about this.

"Hey Sydney"Tra said looking up at me.


"Im sorry I really am.Im going to get counseling while im here.I want you to know that i love you and stay strong."

"Thanks Tra"Tears poured out my eyes as i ran down the hallway and out the door.Brii caught up to me.

"It will be ok"Then I got a call from the hospital telling me....

To be Continued.......

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