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Get outta my head,badboy ch.5

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I stood there frozen for a good minute after that experience I never expected to happen. why the fuck did he just kiss me? did he not know that I hated him? but still, he'd never be out of my head since I had first spoke to that idiot.

***jordans pov***

Why did I do it? If there's a way to make things more awkward between yourself and a girl that you sort of like, then it's to kiss her! why the fuck and what the fuck, Jordan. go on, attempt to make it normal and less awkward because anything you say is going to fail! "oops." fricking oops! I'm so stupid, so so fucking stupid. oops was probably near enough the worst thing to say too, oh my days, damn you!

Yes, I felt really bad for what I said to Danielle. not only was it said by me once, but also another time out of anger. of course I was wrong and I definitely deserved that slap around the gob but she's so difficult! too difficult! she even tossed me aside for apologising and may I mention that that is the first time I've apologised in my life!? even though she was difficult, I always felt myself trying so hard to impress her and make her happy but, I know I'm a player and I'd normally say that this is just 'some girl' but to be perfectly honest, she's a lot more than that to me!

She carried on staring at me in confusion and then attempted to shake it off. "forget about that." she told me. I know I shouldn't give a shit about that comment because I'm a player and all that but, I really do. I meant that kiss. I don't mean to sound soppy but, there was something there that's never been there before and let me tell you, I've kissed hundreds of chicks. but this was different. and the way she just wants to forget it makes me sick, it breaks me into millions of pieces and stomps on my heart. ouch. thanks.

***Danielle's pov***

I told him that we should forget about that kiss but I know I won't even though I know that he will. he's a player boy and he has kissed loads and loads of girls. forgetting is difficult, especially when the thing you have to forget was full of love and full of passion. i say I hate him but, I think I'm wrong. very bloody wrong.

He kept on staring at me. after my comment, his eyes looked rejected and his happy approach turned into a cold atmosphere. wow. have I hurt him. just when I started to look at him in a guilty way, he turned back to his cold hearted self, glaring at me. crossing his arms at me. the whole 'I love you' was shaken off in a matter of moments and that's when I realise...

This is shit.

This isn't right.

And this shouldn't happen.

Because I hate him, and he hates me. and in moment he can be that monster on the inside again on the outside. dani, not him. you're not right for him and he's not right for you either.

M o v e. O n.

I t. N e v e r. H a p p e n e d.

Those were the words spinning in my head as I looked at the monster, Jordan. mister badboy as I should say. the teacher came back that second and told us to go to the head's office and that she was going back to class.

Me and Jordan made our way to the office and knocked on the steady wooden door. "come in." bellowed the voice of mr smith, our head teacher. i opened the door and let it open for Jordan to come in too. I sat in the chair to the right of the desk and Jordan sat in the chair on the left. the chairs were opposite the head teachers desk and chair. it was all too formal in that room!

Mr smith sat down after browsing through the windows near the desk. he then turned to me. "miss Williams, your behaviour today was completely unacceptable and I will not stand for it!" he then turned to Jordan with that snobby, angry face. "Ah, mr Robinson. it's normally you I talk like that to." Jordan glared at the teacher and then mr smith almost lost it. "stop that selfish glaring you stupid boy!"

Jordan rolled his eyes and looked to me and glared. oh my. "right, mr Robinson, if you could sign here so miss Williams can face the consequences, we will be done here!" mr smith explained to Jordan.

Jordan spoke after about twenty seconds of thinking "I'm not signing." he told mr smith. "why? miss Williams hit you!" he explained, trying to knock some sense into Jordan. wait what? why wouldn't he sign, I didn't mind a day off school, it would actually be excellent! "because she doesn't deserve it, I caused it, not her." He told mr smith with honesty flooding his whole face. mr smith was shocked as was i. Why would he help me, even If it was his fault? "very well then, both of you OUT!" Mr smith echoed through the room so me and Jordan left.

Once we were out the door, I asked Jordan "why did you help me?" I had suspense filling up inside of me. "because I wanted to." he simply replied. "thanks." was all I could say. Thanks? Danielle, he just saved your fat arse from suspension. you can at least be nice back! and all you can say is 'thanks'! such an idiot...

The bell rung signalling the end of the day as English was my last lesson. Jordan started to walk away and I said kindly to him "bye, Jordan." he turned back to me and smiled that genuine way and replied "bye, princess." I blushed at this sudden flattering comment and turned to walk out of the school. I was happy, for the first time in a long time, someone made me happy.


Jordan made you smile. Jordan made you smile.

J o r d a n. F u c k i n g. R o b i n s o n. M a d e. Y o u. S m i l e.


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