Wedding day

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You wake up in the hotel bed, greeted by your parents running around the room frantically making sure everything is okay for the day.You have your hair done by a professional hair dresser and your mum helps you into your wedding dress, whilst your bride maids get their make up done. You all have a glass of champagne before heading to the ceremony in the car the was coming to pick you up. When you arrived, the chapel was beautifully decorated with your favourite flower (Y/F/F) , you enter the ceremony to see Niall standing there, he turns to see you his famous pearly whites staring at you. In the evening at the wedding reception, you both slow dance and kiss and go back to the five star hotel (that both your parents had paid for) for a fun night ;).


You have breakfast in bed, whilst the hairstylist does your hair. You then have champagne with your bride maids and parents, just chatting about how today is so exciting, with your farther shedding a few tears as his little girl is all grown up. The limousine waits outside to pick your parents and bride maids up, to take you to the wedding venue the play list in the limo was made by Zayn, so it had both of your favourite songs on it. When you arrive at the church, your farther walks you down the aisle, and Zayn turns round to see your beautiful face. In the evening, you both dance the night away and both of your parents give you a surprise honeymoon trip to the Maldives.


It's chaos first thing in the morning, all of Louis's sisters running around, trying to find the right things to put in their hairs. Your mum calling the hairdresser asking where they are, however they're going to be late, so your mum calls Lou to ask her to help which she agrees to do. After, everything is sorted, the orange camper van (A/N: From WMYB :D) is waiting outside for you, its has flowers and banners around it. Eventually, you arrive at the chapel (In New York) where everywhere looks stunning, with the New York skyscrapers in the background. You look down the aisle to see Harry sorting out Louis's hair, Louis then turns around gives you a cheeky wink and turns back again. In the evening, you go to the a venue that has a beautiful view of the New York skyline, you both have photos taken and dance till your feet hurt.


The morning of the wedding was relaxed and everything was on time, Lou did your hair and make up but she also got a few of her other colleagues to help with the bride maids. You have a champagne breakfast with the bride maids and family, then have photo taken outside the vehicle that was taking you to the chapel. When your arrive your greeted by Anne, who kisses you on the cheek and says how proud she is of both of you. When you get down to Harry, he kisses you on the cheek and holds your hand. In the evening you have your wedding reception at an exclusive restaurant, where you spend the night chatting and dancing, enjoying every ones company.


You spend the morning getting ready, dancing to Disney and drinking champagne. The car comes and picks you and the bridesmaids up where you sing Frozen for the whole of the car journey. You arrive at the church, where a  lot of paparazzi are, you smile at them and carry on walking through the flower hanging up above.You walk down the aisle, you dad on your arm, you greet Liam with a smile and hold his hand, both of you really happy. In the evening, you have a fancy dress themed wedding reception where everyone has to dress up as characters from films, you dressed up as Jessy and he dressed up as Woody.

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