Chapter 3 CHRISTMAS & Birthdays

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Rosie's pov

I woke up at about 7:00 am I got up and went to brush my hair and teeth

Btw I have long light brown hair and I'm really light skin just like toby! I have Connors and Toby's eyes mixed so it's kinda like hazel and I'm tall but not that tall!

After all that I ran into Connors room and I started screaming


After that I ran to Riley's room I opened it and he was on his phone

What a surprise

'Riley come on let's go downstairs

Fine let me just go into the restroom!

Finally we went downstairs everyone was already there even toby I guess he got up early!

Mom and Dad were sitting down waiting for us to come down!

"First were gonna open some presents and then were gonna eat alright!

Mom informed us and we just noded!

We started with opening presents Connor opened up his first then it was riley and then me and toby at the same time!

I got what I wanted Connor gave me a guitar! Riley got me a poloriad camera with extra papers! And toby gave me some giftcards!

I hugged them and them mom and dad started to speak!

"So we have some news to tell you before you guys open up our presents"

What is it mom' I asked impatiently

They stayed silent for a moment and dad speaked up!

"You guys are not going to school anymore because toby is now in the band so you guys are doing online school"

We were shocked but happy because honestly I didn't like Orlando High school!

Toby's pov

Wait did dad said were gonna be online school!

I can't BELIVE I'm actually in the band and were gonna be doing online school this is gonna be good!

Rosie's pov

With the news Mom and Dad pulled me into kitchen I left with them and sat down on table!

"Sweetie since you are gonna be doing online school your dad and I were wondering if you like to give modeling a try since you'll have free time!

I said yes I am willing to try because I really always wanted to try that and btw riley and Connor always tease me about how good of a model I would make! they make me laugh

We got back to the living room and riley asked me

What did mom and dad ask you?

"They just asked me if I wanted to give modeling a try"?

"Did you say yes?"


And with that they all attacked me with a group hug!

Mom and dad sat down and passed us their gifts to us

I opens my medium boxed so excited and I litterally screamed!

It was an Iphone 5 in white and next to it was a pink and white otterbox! I was so thankfull I got up and hugged mom and dad!

Finnally I had a new phone I mean I liked Connors 3GS but I wasn't on the right train! Lol

We ate some breakfast and then I went upstairs and charged my new phone I put the SIM card in and all that! After I installed all the apps I went on twitter to tweet

@rosiemcdonough- Merry Christmas to everyone hope you guys have some fun!

I left it charging went downstairs and watched movie marathons all day! I fell asleep so I guess riley carried me up stairs!

--------- -------------------------------------

TIme passed ok it's now January 21 2013

So it's my birthday today and I was currently getting ready I was preety happy to be 15!

Time passed really fast and I had already went to some photoshoots the last week! They boys had filmed some covers with toby and he was now officially in the band!

I finish getting ready I had long straight hair!

I wore marroon shorts and a black crop top with my white converse!

My phone started vibrated I checked and it was the boys tweeting?

@connormcdonough - happy birthday to my younger siblings @rosiemcdonough @tobymcdonough

I replied

@rosiemcdonough- @connormcdonough Thank you con!

@rileymcdonough- Happy birthday to the best sister ever! @rosiemcdonough

@rosiemcdonough- um @rileymcdonough how many sisters do you have? And thanks :)

@braidenwood- happy birthday to @rosiemcdonough & @tobymcdonough

@rosiemcdonough- thanks brai! :)

@thomascssilvers- happy birthday @rosiemcdonough your 15 that's old haha! :)

@rosiemcdonough- thanks tom but your 19 that's older so hah! 😂

And finally toby tweeted /

@tobymcdonough- happy birthday to my twin @rosiemcdonough cant BELIVE were 15!

@rosiemcdonough- Ty brother Ahah yes were 15!

I finally tweeted

@rosiemcdonough - happy birthday to my other half @tobymcdonough ily!

And I tweeted once more

@rosiemcdonough- thanks guys for all the birthday wishes much love for everyone

I disconnected my phone and put on a cute case I had many btw and I went downstairs!

They boys all hugged me And told me that we were gonna have to celebrate it another day cause they had to go to the studio!

I understood and we all left to Starbucks of course

I got my Java chip frapp and we basically all just joked around and it was fun after that we went to the studio and we were there for half the day!

We got home at like 6:00 pm they told me and toby to get ready for dinner and so we did and I was wearing black shorts with a white flowy tank!

Toby was wearing a plain v neck with some jeans!

We went to dinner and after that we just went bowling and it was honestly it was a really fun birthday!

I got ready for bed and before I fell asleep I tweeted!

@rosiemcdonough- couldn't ask for a better birthday then spending it with my family!

And I fell asleep!

Authors note

Hey so how you guys liking it so I'm doing 3 more chapters today and well I'm really excited but I am skipping some time! So I can crack up to 2014 since this is on 2013 but well get there vote and comment pls i love you guys

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