Chapter 2

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"We made it back alive!" Natsu yelled as we entered the guild. The next thing I knew was the whole guild broke out and battled eachother.

"What even is this?!" Lucy and I yelled as a guy with dark, black hair yelled something about fighting Natsu. He was half naked! At least he was hot.

"Rose, you're blushing! how could you be blushing at a time like this!" Lucy yelled in my ear.

"Really! Oh crap!" I said and continued to watch the guild break out in fights in the corner there was a girl drinking away, and a guy claiming he was a "real man." The next thing we knew a man with two ladies hanging all over him came up to us and said some cheasy pickup line and then got dragged into the huge ruckus. Then the best thing happened, Mirajane approached us!!

"Are you new here?" she asked

"OMG ITS MIRAJANE" Lucy screamed

"I KNOW, OMG" I said freaking out with her

Then the next thing I knew is Mira was pulled into the fight as well claiming it was kind of fun! What the hell! Out of the corner of my eye I saw Natsu with the half naked guys, who I learned to be Gray Fullbuster's underwear!

"Excuse me miss but may I please barrow your underwear" he said, approaching Lucy and I. Then Lucy took a bat outta nowhere and kicked him into the fight while I was laughing to death. Things after this just got even crazier and everyone just started using their magic!


"Oh sorry we didn't know you were still here master Makarov" Mira said

"M-master?!" Lucy and I said

He then shrunk down and smiled and said "it seems we have some new recruits" and gave a speech about magic and being in a guild and breaking the rules. He then said "And that's what makes the Fairy Tail guild number one!" And everyone put a hand sign up in the air. It was the best thing ever!

After things calmed down Mira came up to me and Lucy and asked where we would like our official Fairy Tail marks. Lucy got hers on her hand and I got mine on my right outer thigh. Mine was a navy blue color and hers was pink.

A little boy came in crying about his dad. His dad's name, as I learned was Makao. The master seemed really hard on the boy. Natsu punched the request bored and stormed out.

"The master seems hard on the boy but it's for the best." Mirajane said, knowing that's what me and Lucy were thinking about.

"And Natsu?" I asked

"He knows how it feels because his dad, well actually he was raised by a dragon, left him."


"Lucy where do you think he learned dragon slayer magic!" I yelled at her, laughing a bit.

"Yeah, what kinds of magic do you two use?" Mira asked us

"Well I use celestial keys, I'm a celestial wizard!" Lucy said happily

"Oh and I use three types of magic, earth magic, fire magic and I'm just starting to get the hang of ice magic." I told her.

"Perfect, Lucy why don't you accompany Natsu and Happy on finding Macao, and Rose I know exactly what you could do." She said with a huge smile on her face.

"Hey, what's up, I didn't actually get to introduce myself" The half naked, now fully clothed, boy from before said as he walked over to me and Mira as Lucy went to join Natsu.

"Rose, this is Gray, he's an ice mage! And actually this is what I had in mind." Mira said to me as Gray stopped in front of us

"Gray, this is Rose, she is a fire, earth and ice Mage, she's just learning ice magic so can you take her with you training today? Or if you're going on a job?" Mira asked him.

"Of course I can!" he said, as someone yelled something to him

"Gray! Your clothes!" A man named Wakaba yelled

"At least he still has his underwear on." Someone else said.

"Ignore them, I'm just ready for training, you should probably get used to taking your clothes off too." he said with a smirk.

"What! No!!!" I started to protest.

"Hey I don't mean it like that! That's how my master trained me, her name was Ur, the greatest ice Mage I knew." He said, starting to get more serious.

"Oh, well could we stop at my apartment so I can change?" I asked

"Theres no time for that! We're headed for the mountains!"

"The mountains?!"



So I think I'm going to actually stray away from the story line. I'll probably go with the bigger events like the Jellal arc and what not and the Moon Drip arc but for now, who knows. We'll see where things take us! If you haven't read or watched this anime you might want to, it's amazing!

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