Chapter Twenty-Four

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Jess and I took a day or two and just laid in bed crying and eating our feelings away, with Netflix. It's finally New Year's Eve and Jess and I are both pretending like we are okay I'm not sure why we are pretending, I think we both just want to move on.

Jess and I have two bottles of champagne it's only 11:30 but we are only drinking "because screw boys!" She says laughing and adding more to her glass.

"Honestly! We don't need them only us. We are independent and hot! We can get another boy if we wanted!" I add we both start laughing.

When we stop I look at her she's staring at her glass, I can tell she is really regretting breaking up with Nash. I feel bad. She swears it was her own decision but I know that she was worried about him breaking up with her.

"Let's watch a movie?" I ask

"Magic Mike!" She exclaims.

I get up and put the movie in Jess and I begin to watch it. Then there's a knock at the door. "Parents?" Jess asks me.

I glance at the clock 11:55 "No way it's too early." I stand up and walk to the door. Jess follows. Who on Earth could here this late? And on New Years.

I open the door and there stands Nash crying "Jess." He half whispers

"Oh fuck no." She says as she turns and walks away.

"What are you doing here?" I ask completely confused. "Is Jack here too?"

"I need to talk to her.. Now." Nash says as he pushes past me. I grab him and yank him back.

"Answer me!" I say frustrated "Is Jack here?"

"No!" He says as he heads towards the living room.


The second I see Nash I turn and go away. No. I'm not playing this game Nash and I are over. I slept with Jack, kinda, either way I do not need that forgiveness.

I'm sitting on the couch and Nash walks in "Jess"

"Nope." I stand up and go to walk away but he grabs me and pulls me back. "Listen. I'm not gonna fight with you." He states

"Nash. I slept with Jack that's unforgivable. We can't get back together and that's all there is to that." I tell him he just shakes his head

"You didn't sleep with Jack.." He whispers. How does he know that?

"Yes I did.. You saw me.." I say confused trying to avoid all eye contact

"Jess. Jack told me. It's okay. I'm not mad I get why you did it, please just consider us.." He whispers "what'll it take? We've been together for so long.. Are we really gonna break up over something so, insignificant?"

"Nash." I look away from him completely "We can't."

"What will it take?" He asks he puts his hand under my chin and makes me look up at him "how bout that? I promise I will not break up with you just because it's awkward for everyone else." I don't know what to say. This is so hard. "Jess.. I love you."


After Nash pushes past me I glance on the living room Jess and him are talking so I decide to give them some privacy. I miss Jack, I miss him so much. I hope Jess and Nash get back together.

I open my bedroom door and sitting on my bed is Jack. "What?!" I ask so confused. Nash just said he wasn't here. "What's going on?!"

"I'm sorry Shay!" Jack says "I didn't mean it. I feel so weird without you. Breaking up with you was a huge mistake. One of the biggest mistakes I've ever made." He walks over and hugs me. Oh how I've missed his hugs. Jacks arms squeeze me tighter "we should get back together." He whispers in my ear. I push him away.

"No." I say. It breaks my heart, but I just can't.

"What?" He asks looking super confused.

"Jack. You were right. We need a break. I need a chance to bring up my grades and you need to get your magcon attendance back on track." I stare down at my feet. This is breaking my heart. I want Jack. I want Jack more than anything I've ever had in my life.

"We can do those things together. I will fly you down instead of me visiting you and if you need help with your grades, I can help you." Jack wants this as much as I do.

"Please go." I say refusing to look at him. Instead he comes over to me and pulls me in his arms

"Shay, I want you. It's not going to be easy, but it'll be worth." He says

"No! Jack just go!" I push him off me and he stares at me for a moment

"Just know, I will always love you. Always." He glances at me one last time before retreating.

I lay on my bed and begin to sob violently. What am I doing? I never know what to do with my life. I want Jack but I'm just screwing his life up. I can't do that anymore. It'll be okay though because when we both get back on the right track, things will go back to the way they were.. I hope.

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