Ross' P.O.V.

I stood up from my chair and wandered upstairs. I quickly headed to the bathroom and did what I had to. When I opened the door a tall brunette stood in front of me. 

"hello Ross." the woman giggled and pushed me against the wall, I couldn't see her face clearly, everything was so blurry. 

"uh- um hi." I stuttered as she grabbed my hand and pulled me into another room. I looked around, the only thing I could make out was the bed. "I-I need to sit-t." my voice shook and I stumbled towards the bed. I laid down and closed my eyes feeling better that the room was no longer spinning but everything was black. 

"oh good. you're drunk." the girl laughed as I felt her climb on top of me. She removed my arm from my head and began kissing me, my mind was wandering in all sorts of directions and I couldn't keep comprehend anything that was going on. I began kissing back, she had stripped off my clothes and started pulling hers off as well. "didn't you miss me Rossy." She said while sucking on my neck, I moaned and gripped her hips hard. I flipped us over and started kissing her again harder than before, that was until I heard a gasp. I stopped and sat up slightly looking towards the door. My entire world stopped... it was Skylar standing in the doorway looking at me heartbroken. My mind suddenly cleared and I could think strait, that heaviness of being drunk disappeared, the blurriness cleared, and I was some how sober again. I realized what I had done as I looked into Skylar tear filled eyes. 

"Skylar!" I gasped, I blinked twice and everything cleared more then it was. "Baby!" What have I done?

Her eyes were red and tears flooded down her face. her teeth were chattering, probably from crying so much. Her entire body was shaking, and it was my fault. Before I could do anything she shook her head and ran out the door and down stairs. "SKYLAR!" I screamed as I stumbled to pick up my clothes. I quickly slid on my pants then was pressed against the wall by the other woman. I didn't look at her, I didn't want to know who it was. I pushed her away and ran out while throwing my shirt over my head. I ran as fast as I could down the stairs and through the crowd of dancing people. I looked around frantically through the people trying to find Skylar when I spotted her running out the door. I ran and found her looking around outside. 

"Skylar pl-ease!" I gulped, Skylar turned around to look at me. She looked at me in disgust, and it felt as if my heart was ripped from my chest. 

"It's over Ross." she hissed, and as if I thought my heart couldn't break anymore... it did. She went to turn to run but I quickly lunged forward and grabbed her hand then pulled her to me. 

"no please don't do this baby." I begged her. 

"Don't fucking touch me! Get away from me! I never want to see you again, it's over!" she shouted and pushed me away. I looked at her terrified, I just lost my baby, my baby girl, my life. She ran down the drive way and I couldn't help but run after her. I couldn't let this happen. I watched as she darted into the road, a bright light shun on her body as I looked at the car coming fast towards her. 

"SKYLAR!" I screamed her name as the sound of breaks squealing and her scream echoed through my ears. I ran as fast as I could o make it to her in time, but before I could I watched as someone pushed her out of the way. The car squealed as it pulled off to the side of the road, that's when I saw Skylar laying on top of no other than... Jesse. He's the one who saved her. His arms were wrapped around her waist as she sat up and looked at him. She smiled and hugged him tightly then began to cry. He said something to her but I couldn't decipher it. 

"Skylar!! Baby!!" I cried out as I ran to them. Jesse helped her up and I immediately wrapped my arms around her. She was quick to push me away and take a step back. 

"I told you- to stay away from me!" Skylar said as she broke into sobs. 

"Skylar it's okay. here let me take you home." Jesse wrapped his arm around her waist. my anger boiled inside of me as I grabbed Skylar's hand and pulled her away from him.

"Don't fucking touch her! She doesn't need a ride home you asshole, she's staying here with me!" I yelled at him. Skylar yanked away from me once again.

"Don't touch me!" she growled and looked at Jesse. "please." she pleaded, he nodded and pulled her away from me. 

"Skylar please. Don't do this to me!" I begged, I cant loose her! She stopped and turned around looking me strait in the eyes.

"do this to you!!? you did this to yourself! Ross I just found you this close to having sex with another woman!!" she screamed, "do you know how much that killed me!?don't you ever speak to me again! Ross Lynch I hate you!" she finished and quickly ran away. At this point it was impossible for my heart to break anymore, it was dust and now it had just been blown away by the wind. The car started and they began driving away, I couldn't give up. I couldn't and would never give up on her. I began running towards the car, Jesse quickly drove away and I stopped running. I dropped to my knees and watched the only girl in this world I will ever love and need, leave me. 


I woke up and glanced around my room, ever since that night, the night I screwed everything up... the night I died inside... ever since then the only dreaming I can do is of that night. every small detail, every word, every mistake. I'm glad Riker agreed to help me get her back, I can't do anything without her. I laid in my bed staring at the ceiling until I heard a small tap on my door. 

"come in." I sighed and sat up. The door creaked open and Rydel slid in. "hey Del." I tried to smile. 

"uh... Hey Ross." she bit her lip and slid in the door. I glanced at her confused then moved over for her to sit. She shyly sat down and turned to me. "Ross..." she gulped.

"what's wrong?" I wondered. She sighed and gently rested her hands on mine. 

"It's Skylar." I quickly stood up with wide eyes. 

"what about her? what happened!?" I began to panic. 

"well she's in the hospital." 


"because someone broke into her apartment, raped her and beat her to death. They stabbed her in multiple places." My heart began to beat faster as my breathing stopped. Rydel's phone began ringing and she was quick to answer it. 

"hello." her eyes widened. "what? no... oh my... no." she quickly hung up the phone and looked at me with tear filled eyes. 

"Ross... Skylar's dead."

I jolted awake with a gasp. I sat up and quickly wiped my forehead, I was sweating a lot, and my breathing was un even. I wiped my eyes seeing I was crying. It was only a nightmare... Skylar's not dead, thank god! but I still made that terrible mistake, I ruined everything we had. How can I ever fix this? How can I ever get her to trust me again? can I? do I even have the strength to try? Of course I do, I can do anything with her, and I will never give up on her.

I will never give up on us.

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