Chapter 5 - Rejection at its finest

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Chapter 5: Rejection at its finest

"You want to get out of here?" Claire asked. Auguste's voice was still clear in the background. Her laughing with Jason. The occasional kiss that was louder than would be preferred. The moving around and running of feet. Then there was the pain in my chest that only grew greater every time my brain wandered over to the facts, the main one being that Auguste had moved on. My slight nod of the head was the only thing Claire needed to stand up and pull me right alongside her. "Follow me," Claire whispered in a rushed out voice. She left no room for arguments.

Claire fell to the floor. At first, I thought she was kidding me. But when she started to army crawl across the open grass area I found out that she was indeed not joking at all. She stopped when she was halfway across the opening to turn back and glare at me. Let's just say her glare scared the living daylights out of me enough for me to throw myself onto the ground. The loud thud that my body made caused Auguste to look over towards my direction. I ducked my head instinctively but to my surprise, Auguste didn't seem to see me. I could barely make out Claire's smirk in the dimmed moonlight. She motioned her hand forwards, so we continued onwards.

My arms pushed their way through the muck on the ground, pulling myself closer to Claire. Sure, I played football and yes we did work out. But, damn those darned army crawls. They are freaking hard to do in real life and not be seen. I couldn't help the grunt from escaping my mouth as I fell onto the floor only a few feet from Claire. Claire glanced at me then Auguste before shooting upright and right behind the garage that was centered near the edge of the yard, right next to the exit. I stumbled a little bit more before dragging myself upwards to where Claire now stood. She put her pointer finger up as an indication to be quite. A nodded slightly before following her lead once more.

Now, instead of sneaking through the grass, we were sneaking around the garage to get out of the back yard and into the front one via the side gate. It was harder seeing as we now had to stand up and not be positioned on the gravel and stone filled floor. I turned the corner and took one step forwards. Obviously I shouldn't be a spy.


The snap of the twig underneath my foot was as loud as a firecracker. It had heads turning in our direction immediately. One of those heads being Auguste. I stood there like a deer in the headlights. My body froze and my eyes were only stuck on one person. Her blue eyes staring back at me. Confusion crossed Auguste's face before she took a step in my direction. A tugging sensation snapped me out of my haze.

"Run," Claire hissed. My feet were still planted on the stick, too shocked to move. "For Heaven's sake run!" Claire yelled this time and somehow it activated my senses once more. My legs kicked in and suddenly Claire and I were in a full on sprint. We burst out of the backyard and onto the driveway. Taking a sharp right we ran onto the sidewalk and continued our race down the road. I head Auguste's calling out after me but I didn't stop. I didn't want to or need to. I felt free. The weight of moving school's was in the distance. My mind wasn't clobbered by thoughts of Auguste. And the sensation was extravagant.

After three blocks Claire's pants became obvious. We pulled to a stop at a huge tree leading into the local park. Her breath was coming out in pants as she bent over, her arm on the tree for support. I couldn't help but breathe loudly due to my labored breath as well.

"Sheesh, that was something," Claire finally muttered after a while of silence. I nodded in response. Claire shook herself off before standing and looking up at me. "You are a fat man, Grayson Greene." I smirked and winked at her.

"That's what working out does for you," I replied, flexing my muscles earning me a humored laugh. I cracked a smile as well. After I put my arm down I stuffed my hands in my pocket. Claire shivered besides me. I don't really know what happened next. One minute my jacket was on my shoulder's and the next my body in voluntarily shrugged it off and into my hands. My hands then guided themselves over to Claire, draping my only source of comfort over her shoulders. She looked up at me through my lashes, obvious confusion written on her face. But, she didn't say anything. Instead she just held my gaze, scrutinizing my every move. It looked as though she was trying to figure something out. Before I knew it, she puffed out a breath and turned towards the path leading into the park. She took a step forwards and then another. I followed behind her.

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