Gianna doubled over in pain as she exited Kristen's van. "You okay?" Kristen asked with concern.

Gianna deciphered whether or not she should tell Kristen she's preggo. "I, er, um..." Gianna trailed off not knowing what to say.

"Wait let me guess. You got aids, herpes, kidney stone troubles?" Kristen rambled.

"Almost. I-I'm pregnant" Gianna stammered.

This news caused Kristen to fall face first on the pavement. After she recovered she looked at Gianna for an explanation "Your 39 and pregnant!? No offense but that's a little gross. Anyway, is it Dalton's?"

"Of course its Dalton's!" Gianna defended with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Just making sure. So whens it due?"

"Sometime in July"

"So like 6-10 months?" Kristen asked as she tried to do the math on her fingers.

"No dummy, 3 months" Gianna corrected.

"You know what it is?"

"No the doctors cant tell yet cuz it only has a 30% chance of survival" Gianna explained.

"That's terrible!" Kristen shouted which caused some people around them to stare.

"Not really. I mean, I'm not really ready to raise a baby again"

"You have to have hope though..." Kristen trailed off as she realized how gay she sounded, "Nevermind just use abortion pills or something to kill it faster"

Gianna cringed at the idea "How could you ever say that! That's like killing Lia, or Damon or your other two kids!"

Kristen shrugged "They wouldn't just stand there and let me kill them anyway"

Gianna frowned "Well I'm gonna my apartment" she said then ran off.

Kristen let out a long sigh then also went home.


"You okay mom?" Kay asked as Gianna crawled into her apartment room.

"Yeah" Gianna huffed as she tried to catch her breath.

"Were you running?" Jax asked.

Gianna changed the topic "Dont you kids have school or something?"

"Its a Sunday" Jax pointed out.

"Oh yeah" Gianna mumbled.

"Are you sure your okay?" Jax asked with concern.

Gianna sighed, "I just...don't know if i can have this baby" she confided.

"Why not? You raised us well" Kay objected.

Gianna smiled at her kids "You are almost the best kids ever"

"Almost?" Jax said with a quirked eyebrow.

"Yup" Gianna confirmed.

Jax shrugged then hugged Gianna and Kay.

*                          *                     *                  *

"Mom can we go to China and rescue Jade?" Clary asked Caitlin as she entered her apartment complex in a rush.

"Who's going with you?" Caitlin questioned suspiciously.

"My new friend Adam, er Tobias and my frenemy Jay"

Caitlin craned her head to the side and saw Adam standing next to Clary with a polite smile on her face. "You remind me of a friend of mine I used to have" Caitlin concluded then turned to Clary again "Alright you can go, here's 100 bucks and a collar"

"Uh what's this for?" Clary asked as she held up the collar.

"Your taking Payton too, and you know how cray cray she can get"

Clary groaned "I love Payton and all but do I really have to take her with?"

"Yes. Now go, have fun" Caitlin dismissed.

Clary sighed, attached the leash to the back of Payton's shirt then lead everyone else to her car. Tobias drove, Clary sat shotgun with Payton on her lap, and Jay and Adam sat in the back together.

"Did I mention your a terrible brother?" Tobias asked Jay.

"Yup, 3 times already" Jay responded.

"Well I'm saying it again; your a terrible brother"

Everyone nodded in agreement. An hour later they made it to the closest airport and hopped onto the next plane to China.

"Excuse me miss?" The flight attendant said as she approached Clary.


"Would you like your daughter in the pet section or with you?"

"She's not my daughter...."

"I don't care. Just give me an answer to my question" the lady snapped.

"Put her in the pet section" Clary replied.

The lady nodded then took Payton away.

"This is gonna be such a long, boring ride" Jay whined.

"Suck it up" Adam snapped which surprised Clary and Jay.

"Geez, no need to get sassy with me" Jay joked.

Adam shot him a death glare then ignored him the rest of the ride by listening to Bastille on her phone.

*                        *                       *                  *

Lia quietly sat down next to Myles on his bed. "You wanted to s-see me?" she asked.

Myles smiled at her then caressed her face "I always wanna see you" he admitted.

"Oh uh, m-me too" Lia replied nervously.

"No need to stutter around me" Myles whispered.

Lia pushed him away "Um, y-you know I can't c-control who I s-s-stutter around" she reminded.

"I know" Myles said quietly "Sorry". He gently pushed Lia down against the bed and hovered over her delicate body.

"Er Myles?" Lia said through his kisses.

Myles ignored her and started pulling her shirt off over her head.

"Please stop Myles" Lia pleaded.

"Oh come on Lia! We've been together for 4 years and we havent had sex yet. Isnt it about time?"

Lia's eyes started to sting. She pulled her shirt back over her head then pushed Myles off of her.

"Stop acting like a sex craved man-whore" she snapped confidently.

Myles eyes softened "I'm sorry babe" he apologized.

Lia just shook her head and stormed out. Once she made it a safe distance away from his house she called Jax to pick her up. Jax arrived 5 minutes later. Lia hopped in his car with tears welling up in her eyes.

"What happened?" Jax asked worriedly.

"Myles! H-he...h-he's such a slut sometimes!" Lia sobbed.

Jax nodded in agreement. The ride home was filled with a comfortable silence. Once Jax reached Lia's house she thanked him.

"Thanks for being a good f-friend" she said with a faint smile.

"No problem" Jax dismissed. And Lia went to sleep.

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