I took a quick shower and got dressed. I went downstairs to see Robert waiting for me at the door. I followed him to his car which was old black 1980's Camero. I loved it. He opened my door as I stepped in. I seen his CD case and started looking through it. "Oh, you won't like that stuff." said Robert. "Haha, you'd be suprise as to what I listen to. These my friend are my kind of tunes." "Oh really?" "Yep, I'm really big fan of Duran Duran." I popped the CD in. "Hold up before you do anything. My guess us you're going to change it to track 5?" I looked at him stunned. How did he know? "What are you psychic?" I replied. "I just know. When you were little, 'Hungry like the wolf' was our favorite song." I smiled him as he kept his eyes on the road. I put track 5 on and my song played. As we drove down the road jamming and ainging the song together. We pulled up to the ice cream parlor. We ordered our ice creams and went outside walking around to enjoy them. "Robert, somethings been bugging me ever since you got her?" I asked. "What that I have incontrollable bowel movement?" he replied sarcastically. I smacked his arm and he laughed. "Your discusting! I'm serious though." "What is it?" "Why I don't remember you. I find it impossible to forget someone like you. Especially, at that age." "Can we not talk about that? You were so little." "See that right is what bugs the cheese out of me. You guys know something." "Cece, it's nothing you should worry about, honestly." I glared at him. He's never going to tell me. I dipped my finger in the chocolate fudge of my sundae and wiped it on his cheek. He scolded me as I laughed. "Jesus, Bobby you eat ice cream like mad man." I joked. He had the look that he was gonna get me back so I took off down the street. I immediately felt his arms around me. My ice cream fell on the grass. "Robert, you made me drop my ice cream." He swirled me around to face him. "You should have ate instead of putting it on me." he said. God, his voice sounded so hot. He smashed his ice cream cone into my face. I screamed as he finally let me go. I wiped it of and looked at him. He was already dying of laughter. "Damn, Cece don't eat it all at once." I busted out laughing with him. Well, played.

Robert and I arrived back home. "I'm going to go clean up and take a nap. Thanks for the ice cream." I said. "No problem. Today brought some good memories." he replied. "I wish I could remember." I felt his hand cupped around the side of my face. He placed a soft kiss on my cheek. My skin tingled from his soft lips. I smiled up at him. He gave my hand a squeeze before walking away. I sighed as I went upstairs. I laid down in my bed playing back what happend today. It was the most fun I ever had. I took the picture of us in my hand. I held it close to my chest and fell asleep. I began to dream:

I was standing in the livingroom looking around. My dad walked past me with Robert under his arm. "I'm going to miss you. Come back for Christmas, I'm sure Secillia would love it." said my dad to Robert. "Yeah, I sure will. I hate to leave her like this but, I got to take care of my mom." he replied. I noticed little old me walking into the room in tears. "You're leaving me?!" I winned. Robert knelt down to me giving me. "I'm sorry baby doll. I wish I could stay. I promise to come back on Christmas." "No! I don't want you to go! Stay here with me Bobby, I love you." "I love you, too. I just can sweetheart." He went to give me a hug but I screamed shoving him away. "I don't love you no more! I hate you!" "Cece baby please don't say that. You don't mean it." "I do! I hate you Robert! Don't come back ever!" "Cece-," "No, as of now I don't know you anymore. When I clap my hands I will forget you all together." I clapped my hands and slapped him. "Secillia that enough! You better apologize right now young lady." snapped my dad. "I don't apologize to people I don't know. I HATE YOU, I HATE YOOOU!!" I stormed off upstairs crying.

I woke in a cold sweat with my heart pounding hard against my chest. That dream started bringing back all the memories I had with Robert. The bike rides at the park, ice cream parlor, singing our favorite song, and movie nights in his room watching The Wizard of Oz. Seeing how I acted that day he left made me feel discusted. How could I have done that to him? I forced myself to forget him. I wiped the tears from under my eyes and ran out of my room. "Robert!" I yelled as I went down the stairs. He pops up out lf the livingroom giving me a look of worried. Before he could say anything I wrapped my arms around him tight. I cried against as we hugged. "Cece, what's wrong?" he asked pulling away from me. I ended up hugging him again buring my face in the crock of his neck. "I don't hate you." I repeated three times. "Honey, I know you don't." I looked at him as he wiped the tears from under my eyes with his thumb. "Yes you did. I said those horrible things to you. That's why you never came back because I told you." "Yes it did hurt. But, I never wanted my love for to break. I wanted to wait until you were older to start all over." "Why didn't you tell me before?" "Because, I didn't want you to remember that day. Look how it made you feel. I didn't want that." I kissed his cheek repeatedly and hugged him once more. "I'm glad I remember though." I said. He gave me a funny look. "Why?" he asked. "I started remembering the good times. Wizard of Oz, how we watched until we could practically recite it." He smiled at me pressing his forhead against mine. We just stared at eachother for awhile not breaking our gaze. His eyes were so warm and hypnotizing. His face remained relax and kind. My heart matched his heart as my hand remained pressed against his chest. I bodies grew closer to eachother like magnets. So, did our faces as we leaned in. I was about to touch his lips when we heard the front door open. I swore under my breath as we pulled away from eachother quick. My dad walks in along with my mom. They smiled in our direction. "Good evening, you two. I guess you decided to play hookey today didn't you, Secillia?" greeted my dad. "Ugh, yeah. I had a massive headache." I studdered. "I'm sure Robert kept you company?" I looked over at Robert and he smiled. "Yeah, he did." "That's good. Hey, Bobby I gotta talk to you." I watched Robert walk off. "Secillia, go get ready for dinner." said my mom. I glared at her and went up to my room. I was this close to kissing him and parents blew. Actually, I'm glad they did or am I. Damnit, why am I feeling like this? It's like my old crushing habit was coming back full swing. Why did he have to be so goregous! WHY?!

***Looks like Cece's memory came back of her childhood with Robert. Sad how she had to remember why she did it. Will that near attempt kiss happen again? Vote and comment what you think. New update soon.***

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