How rarely we talked !

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We talk only once a week or maybe once two weeks ! We meet every week though for only twenty minutes. When I look at him , I feel like weeping ! I try to hold my tears back ! But what intrigued me more was that although we scarcely talked whenever we were together , things happen so weirdly ! Some romantic songs come up on the radio ! Last time a petal fell on my hand while we were passing near a house whose front yard was literally filled with flowers and plants ! We never plan when we have to see each other ! Like no dates but we just meet on the road !

Oh god , what are those feelings , they pop out from the blue! We live in the same area and we were born and brought up here! We more or less have the same level of thinking ! We text , we talk and most importantly we joke a lot ! While texting this is where we talk about intimate things and which I find is more easy to express your feelings . It did take me a lot of time to adjust with him ! Right now to be fair he is not that bad but he is still not the macho man ! I feel exultant with him ! My mornings are glooming and my nights are blissful ! It demanded a lot of time from me to understand him and try to cope with him but guess what I did !

We joke and understand each other ! I don't have to say anything and he knows what am feeling and what I want right now ! He doesn't force me into anything . He is frank to me and vice versa. We live peacefully . What I consider to be fortunate for me was he was never an obstacle in my life ! I had my studies and that has always been a priority to me ever since I was born so he doesn't bother me at all ! He has his time to text ! He miss calls me in the morning sometimes or I do . Then I come back home and at around 9 o'clock we text . I check on him and all. So which means that am free most of the time . I don't have to text him or call him during that day when am at school or when I come back home . I am free to do what I want . He is working and am studying . And the greatest thing out of all these is that we are completely happy about this . Our timings suits us so perfectly !

Oh how am blithe about this ! May God bless us as we are and may we be contended as always !

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