Chapter 7

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Hayes POV


Ugh today's Monday, I check my phone and changed, brushed my teeth and walked downstairs.

"Good Morning Hayes" Nash said . Nash just got back last week from visiting friends in California.

"Good Morning " "where's mom and sky?" I asked. "They will be gone till Wednesday, they went to visit grandma" Nash said. " oh and hayes you know how I'm vine famous well I'm going to this thing called magcon where you get to meet fans and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me ? Nash said . " YESS!! When does it start? And who's all gonna be there? I asked . Taylor, matthew, cameron, Aaron , shawn, and you know the rest . Well I already met them all last summer and when nash was face timing me when they were there. " and we leave in about 2 weeks" - knock! Knock!

"I'll get it" I walked to the door and Jordan was standing there. She was wearing short short and a croptop and way too much makeup. " ready for school" she said in a preppy voice. "Yeah just hold on I have to tell nash" " NASH IM GOING TO SCHOOL WITH JORDAN!!" I yelled. "Yeah whatever" he mumbled. " Ohkay let's go" I said .

Nash POV

I can't believe hayes choosed Jordan even though there's a bunch of other girls out there.

And Cameron said he's bringing his cousin with him to magcon. And I hope she's better than Jordan. Hayes derseve better.

Hayes POV

When I got to school I didn't see Brooke anywhere because she's always with her friends . So I decided to go ask them " Hey Guys how come I don't see Brooke anywhere"? I asked . They all gave me a dirty look. " why do you care so you can bully her and beat her and send her to the hospital agian!! Leah yelled . Jake was holding her back. And people were turning there attention to us . " she moved hayes. You happy, she was sick and tired of your crap and your little friends and your girlfriend" jake said . Did she move cause of me? We were just doing it for fun . Woww. " well I don't really care " I yelled back . Well actually I do I don't know why I even bullied her. Stupid hayes . " then I walked to class . It felt empty without Brooke here.

Wait hayes stop. You have a girlfriend. Why do you care? I zoned out because Zach was waving his hand in front of me . " dude are you Ohkay, your pale " yeah I'm fine. I mumbled .

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