Chapter 4 - Tell You

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*Jennifer's POV*

I was the only girl left. I was pissed because they all left me here. I was nervous all night because being around like 9283919181 guys was stressing me out. On my left there was Cam and Nash. On the right there was Brent. And there was Shawn in front of me. Cameron and I became really good friends in a short time. I know it's weird but I was talking too much and they were laughing at my jokes.

Shawn was looking upset.

"What is it with you Shawn?" I asked.

"Nothing..." he was pissed. I rolled my eyes. He clearly didn't want to answer and I don't have the power to listen his problems. I felt like he didn't like me for a reason.

At the 99 percent of time I was being sarcastic and there was no way any of the boys would take me seriously. I loved being that way though, don't get me wrong.

Brent's eyes were shining so bright and he was looking at me whenever I talked to him. He never turned his head for even a second.

"You can't keep your eyes away from me or what? I know I'm just so amazing." I was being sarcastic again. And thay was the moment I understood I said something wrong. He blushed.

"Just kidding." I said because I had to make him feel comfortable.

Cameron said something to Nash's ear. I couldn't hear it. And Shawn wasn't even talking. He looked reakly said for the last 15 minutes. And I was drinking and talking to Brent at the same time.

What took my attention was Nash and Isabelle have become reslly good friends. It felt like they met before, eveb though I knew they haven't.

*Sarah's POV*

Oh my god... He was kissing me. My brain was telling me to push him but my body didn't want to. It was getting deeper then he stopped. THANK GOD. I am NOT ready for a relationship. I liked him... but I don't know.

"Umm let's go." I said. I was mad and excited at the same time. I didn't know what to say and he didn't want me to say anything too, I guess.

What if he had a girlfriend? I barely knew him.

When we got back, it was l normal. We pretended like nothing happened. But I could still feel the sparks all over my body. I was still sweating. Chloe and Matthew came back with their drinks. Jennifer was telling something to Nash, Cam, Brent at the same time. They were all listening so carefully, like she is telling something very imported. Oh this girl's social skills. She made all of them laugh.

Where was Carter and Isabelle btw?

*Isabelle's POV*

We want outside for some fresh air. We were so shy that we couldn't even talk. TALK. TO. ME. YOU. FUCKING. IDIOT.

"So, you look beautiful today."

"Hahah, umm thank you, handsome." I joked.

"Can I tell you something?" he asked.

"Yeah, of course." I said. What was he so nervous about?

"The night I saved you... wasn't the first time I saw you. I saw you at hotel and I stalkes tou a bit."

"You fucking pervert and stalker." I laughed.

"Not done yet." he said. He didn't want me to interrupt him. Okay.

"I didn't know you so well, except for your Vines and tweets. But the first moment I saw you, that night when you got attacked, I knew it was happening."

"What was happening?" I asked him. What is he talking about.

He held my hand. Our eyes met like they did at the night we met.

"The first time I looked at you like that, I knew it was happening. You may never want to talk to me after this." he turned his head.


"I knew I liked you. And after talking to you for the last 2 hours, I noticed that we have so much in common. More than I thought we did. I think I'm falling for you."

"Carter I..."

"You don't need to say anything if you don't want to." he said. He breathed out.

"I love you, Isabelle."

I had no words to say. I love you.

"I love you." I said. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHY I SAID IT. I couldn't stop myself. I couldn't control myself. I hope I won't regret this.

He came one step closer to me and my hands ran up his chest. He wrapped his arms around me. I closed my eyes. I was so happy there. In that moment.The weird thing is he didn't even try to kiss me. He wanted a hug.

*Jennifer's POV*

It was getting late and Carter and Isabelle came back too. We were all back again. We were tired. Cameron and Shawn were the most drunk in the group. They looked so funny and terrible. Both.

I stole a glance at Brent before I told the people that we should leave because our hotel was pretty far.

We didn't need taxi this time because we would be driven by the boys.

So I was in the same car with Cam (he was driving) Brent and Nash. We got back to our hotel, we were the second group to come back after Carter and Isabelle's car.

I got out of the car. I tried to say something to Isabelle but he was under Carter's spe so she didn't even hear me.There was no other girls here. UH SERIOUSLY . All of my friends a

were getting into relationships and I was just staring at them. After 15 minutes of waiting, I got on my way to my room even though I didn't have the keys. Fuck this, I could wait there or pretend to be a tree.

I sat in front of the door and someone came after me. Then he quickly sat near me.

"Oh you scared me. I didn't see you following me here." I was flinched.

"That is the point of stalking." he smiled as he crossed his legs and said "I have to say something, Jen."

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