Chapter 5

     The day goes by pretty quickly, and soon enough, we’re all sitting at our lunch table. Today, Shane had decided to join us. Everyone in the group was shocked that someone as good looking as Shane had decided to sit with the Herds at lunch.

     We all talk about who the new guy is.

     “I think I saw him during 3rd period,” Jenna said, pushing up her glasses. “I didn’t get a good view of him though. The halls were too crowded.”

     “I bet he’s going to be an arrogant jerk.” Ethan mumbles, and we all roll our eyes. Ethan had never liked many new people, especially if they weren’t planning to be part of the Herd. But now that I think about it, he has a point.

     Just then, the Stingers make their big entrance, and they’re crowded around this unfamiliar figure. All I saw was a bit of brown hair, and that’s all.

     “Maybe that was the new guy!” Kay exclaims.

     Shane then comes to the table, and sits in between me and Jimmy. “What’s up, guys?”

     We all greet Shane with a simple ‘hey’, and then continue with our lunch. I keep daydreaming about the new guy. What does he look like? What is he like? I wonder if he’ll be a nice Stinger, if that’s even possible.


     Right when we’re all enjoying our lunch, the Stingers decide to tour the new guy around the lunchroom. I wasn’t facing them, but I could just tell because of Shelby’s annoying ass voice introducing all of the groups.

     “So, those are the Easels and they’re the art kids, they’re the Blades and they’re emos,” I hear her voice getting closer and closer. “Those are the geeks aka the Nerd Herd. Don’t get anywhere near them.”

     I decide to turn around and there are at least 6 Stingers showing him around. My hazel eyes meet with a pair of jade green ones. He smiles at me, and I blush, quickly turning around. Did an extremely attractive guy like him just smile at a geek like me? This is obviously a joke.

*Mystery POV*

     My eyes meet with a beautiful pair of hazel eyes. She’s beautiful. Her red hair stands out from the rest. Nobody had ever looked as perfect as her at this exact moment. I stop and admire her features for a moment, and I smile warmly at her, but then she blushes, and she abruptly turns around. I’ve got to know her name.

     “So,” Shelby starts as soon as we’re alone. “We should make out like right now.” She presses her lips to mine, but I automatically push her off.

     “No,” I say firmly. “I’m interested in someone else.” She doesn’t know I’m referring to the redhead.    

     I won’t give up until I’m sure she’s mine.

*Gail’s POV*

     The bell rings, and I head of to my 5th period all alone. The event that had just occurred at lunch is very fresh in my mind. Him. Those gorgeous green eyes. It couldn’t be possible that he would actually have feelings for me. It isn’t possible that anyone would like me that way period. I’ve always looked this way. I’ve always looked like a hideous nerdy girl. It’s much more likely that he’d have a crush on Shelby, or any other gorgeous girl, but not me.

     A hand grabs my arm and I’m pulled to the side.

     “What the hell?!” I slap the person pulling me, and when they yell in pain, the voice isn’t very familiar. Actually looking at who the person grabbing me was, I realize I’ve hit the new guy. My eyes widen, but I’m not sure if I regret it yet.

     “Well, someone can slap pretty hard.” He mumbles, looking down at me. I notice a deep British accent that is actually very sexy.

     “Okay,” I say to him. “I know you’re the new guy, but I can definitely tell that you’re one of those jerks that’ll tell a girl that you love her and do this entire lovey dovey crap, but I’m not going to fall for it.”

     I try to shove past him, but he steps to the side and blocks my path.

     “No, I’m not like that,” He explains to me. “I’m Harry, and I actually like you.”

     I roll my eyes at him and laugh humorlessly. “Yeah, right. And I live in a magical land where the air is sweet and the grass is all green. Now I’ve got to get to class. I’m already late, Harry.”

     “Can you at least tell me your name?” Harry calls after me as I quickly walk away from him.

     “No! I don’t need you stalking me!” I call back, finally turning the corner. Finally, I’m away from him.


     I close my locker, and walk out of the school doors to meet Shane at his car. I’m supposed to help him study for the next two weeks, so I guess we could build up our friendship and Krista loves when I come over.

    My day had gone well except for that Harry guy. Personally, he gets on my nerves, and it’s obvious that he’s faking the so called fact that he likes me and wants to take me out on some sort of ‘date’. Does he really think I’m that dumb? He’s a Stinger now, and there are bunches of gorgeous blonde sluts that would enjoy him in the bedroom.

     I’m on my phone, texting Kay as I get to Shane’s Camaro. When I look up, I see Shane and Harry talking. Not again! I try to turn around so they won’t see me, but I’m too late.

     “Aye! Gail!” Shane’s voice beckons me to him. I groan internally, but walk over to Shane and Harry. I definitely didn’t want to be near him right now.

     “Hey, Shane,” I greet him with a smile, ignoring Harry.

     “Have you met Harry yet?” Shane asks me. I look at Harry. He smiles at me, revealing a dimple, and then I look back at Shane.

     “Yeah.” I reply simply. Shane smiles brightly, as if he’s completely ecstatic.

     “Great! Because you, me, Harry and Krista are going to the movies tonight and then we’re getting frozen yogurt.” I see Harry grin from the corner of my eye.

     “I thought I was supposed to be tutoring you today!” I said in complete and utter confusion.

     “Not today,” He laughs, and goes on. “Because at exactly 7:00, we’re all going out to the movies and then some frozen yogurt.”

     “Fine.” I say, pushing up my glasses.

      I definitely don’t want to go to this movie with Harry, but if it makes Shane happy, I’ll go. What do we have to lose?

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