Chapter 1

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**Celeste POV**

I'm not sure what it is about this boy, he seems different from other. How stereotypical do I sound right now? I met a boy and now I think he magnificent I feel like a movie character and he's my co-star that I supposedly fall madly in love with and we live happy together forever. I'm sorry but last time I checked this is reality and with me in it, it doesn't have time for fairy tales.

I'm not sure yet,maybe this boy can make my life a fairy tale for once. Instead of other boys who make it reckless and dangerous. This boy is different. He doesn't have to raise hell to be cool. I thought I was the only geek in this town.

I may come off and a total bad ass

but on the inside I'm the biggest dweeb ever. Pokémon and William Shakespeare. Not even my closest friends know I actually read. I guess I'm a girl of two world.

**Miles POV**

How could a girl so beautiful be so quirky? All the girls in my grade are annoying and all they talk about is Magcon and being swag and dope. They have sex, smoke weed and be careless. but this girl, she was perfect. She sounded beautiful ,like an angel. I don't know what I will do with myself until I see her again.

When should I call her again? Or should I wait for her to call me? I've never really done this before. I had a girlfriend before in primary school, but she dumped me because, I wouldn't share my milk because of cootiez. No gals really like me. I've been told that "I'm a hotty" by a few but I chose to take it as a dark joke. Maybe I just shouldn't think bout it too much and call when I'm ready.

Suddenly my iPhone light started to flash and ring. It was Celeste, she was calling me. I answered as quick as I could.

"HEY!" she said eagerly,"what are you up to tonight?"...

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