Kendall POV

"Oh get over it already Kendall! What's good about him anyway? I don't get it." Sarah said it as she is annoyed with my action. What is she expecting me to do after I've found out that my boyfriend cheated on me with somebody else. Even worst when I knew that I was replaced by AMY FUCKING WHILTERSON! Why among all these girls in this school, he had to pick Amy?! My worst enemy! I'm beyond pissed.

That girl won't leave me alone just because I dumped his brother, Jack. Yes, I let him down but nothing worked out so what's the point to continue the relationship? He is not my type. Then all of a sudden Amy started to send me threats on text about she's going to make my life miserable. Just like what I did to his brother. Wtf. Well done Amy.

"I thought he wouldn't do this to me! I can't believe it. I've spent 2 fucking years with him. What a waste of time. I love him. How could he do this. How could he broke our relationship just like that. Ugh. This feeling is so sucks." I said it to Sarah.

She sighed. She walked closer to me and leaned on the wall that was beside her. "Hey cheer up. That guy is nothing to have you. He just lose you. Not you lose him. He is such a fucking prick. I don't trust him anymore. Now go wash your face and we need to go our next class in 5 mins. Ok?" She smiled and gave me a hug. I hugged her back. Then I let go of her hug and do what I was told. After I washed my face, Sarah pull the girl's restroom door open. "He's not going to lick this fine ass anymore." I joked. "GOSH KENDALL" She looked at me and we both laughed. Then we start making our way to the class.


When I'm on my way back to home, I can't stop thinking about how stupid Daniel could be by dumping me for another girl. I still can't believe it. After what we went through together? I sighed. Only a couple steps to get to the door, I heard people yelling at each other, really loud. But I'm the only one who stood there. I looked around to see where's the noise come from. It was my neighbour. Just a few seconds I noticed it, the noise suddenly stop. Weird. I ignore what just happened and get in my house.

When I get to my room, I immediately lay myself down on my bed. My feet hurts so much because I wore the new shoes and got a blister on my ankles. Then out of nowhere, the noise that was made by my neighbour just popped on my mind. Probably it was family problems or siblings shouting at each other. It's been 3 months after they moved at our residents but I only talked to Mr. and Mrs. Miller once and it was when my parents offered them hands to help them with their stuff. I helped them but I didn't get to see their childrens. My mom said that there is a boy around my age and his sister who is 15. I wonder if the boy went to the same school as me.

Ahhh whatever. I'm so tired. I got up from the bed and change my clothes. Then I walked up to the bed and took a nap.


Hi guys, this is my first time writing, so don't judge:-)



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