Chapter 4

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I met halfway with our supplier. He wore wearing camo pants with a hoodie over his head and a gun sticking subtlety out of his side. His shirt was plain black that matched his skin tone. His two burly bodygaurds stood a foot away from him and on both sides as Justin stood next to my car.

"Let's make this quick. I gotta big day tomorrow." he said while cupping his hands together and blowing into them. The breeze was cold at night compared to the day time. Justin grabbed the book bag that was conveniently placed next to my side. He tossed it to me and as I handed it over, the dealer took out 4 boxes of cocaine containing 6 packs of 3 inches of the substance. It was loaded into the truck of my car and the drug dealer and I shook hands. I knew this would be the last time I'd see him since tomorrow he'd be arrested without any knowledge of us.

He turned away and I looked at Justin. His hardened face released as he and I drove away from the empty space. The drive home was filled with "Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls and "I Shot the Sheriff." Irony doesnt sound as good as being me. He tossed me my keys as I walked the opposite direction or his aprt number.

It was funny because in our daily lives we look like cops but under that veil we were agents to a secret agency that the commander holds for advance officers. That was the reason we had enough money to afford top level complexes on our own and why we have the skills to do what we began to do the next day.

The last non-action pack thing I did then, since it started, was text Verde th words "Good night, Little Green"

Her text back was "Delete my number, you imbecile. And I thought I told you not to call me or text me."

As being me, I ignored her previous text only taking in the fact that she repsond and said, "So, what are you wearing right now?"

She eneded with "A night gown by the designer Creep Prevention."

"It isn't working" and I dozed off to sleep right then in my queen sized bed. with no shirt and pajama pants.

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