The End Of The Greatest Holiday Ever

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I opened a bleary eye to an ache in my backside and Sofia smiling cheerfully at me from the bunk next to mine.

"Whadayyawant?" I groaned at her menacingly.

"I just wanted to know if you're on breakfast duty today." She blinked innocently.

"Well I'm bloody not! I helped with dinner yesterday with you, you genius." I grumbled, injecting just the right amount of sarcasm into the 'genius' bit.

She gave me the 'hurt puppy dog' face and proceeded to go on her phone. I grabbed it from her and checked the time. Seven fifteen.



"Are you crazy?" I cried to Sofia "Why the actual fuck did you wake me up at such a mental hour in the morning?"

"I told you. I wanted to know if you were on breakfast duty this morning and you told me. Quite politely, I must say! And shut up because I have a headache." She batted the sarcasm back.

I made a face and chucked her phone back at her face; then I zipped my sleeping bag right up and got out of bed, shuffling around like a caterpillar that had been tipped vertically. It suddenly hit me as to how cold it was in that chalet and I was glad that I had kept my socks on. My hands froze almost instantly; I had bad circulation or something like that.

I decided to go and see if Kyra was still asleep and if she was, nick her dry shampoo. I hopped over, hovered over her bunk and was met by her massive brown eyes staring at me.

"You just scared me!" I squealed.

"How do you think I feel?" She said, "Seeing your ugly mug hovering over me at this time of morning!"

I grinned and decided to sidle out of the sleeping bag and finally get changed. I changed into my black harem pants and a short flared grey top that had flashy black and gold lips emblazoned across the front. Around me, people started to come alive, talking at the tops of their plummy voices, combing their hair, prudishly changing their clothes.

I sat for a while in front of my compact mirror and wondered how to do my hair. It was a little wavy and coarse at the bottom like it always was when I had not washed it for more than two days. It was day three at camp. After a bit of deliberation I decided that a messy bun would be best; it would hide the coarseness and make use of the loose waves that I had randomly developed overnight.

Wedging the mirror between my knees, I took a comb out from my makeup bag; I backcombed the crown of my hair and gathered the rest into a rough ponytail.

"Hey Kyra, be a darling and lend me some hair pins, please? I haven't got any." I called to Kyra, who was putting her socks on.

She threw a bag at me, brimming with hairpins. I nodded at her by way of thanks, pulled a few out and laid them on my lap. I could do this without a mirror, so I let the mirror drop to the ground with a brief thud. Then I started on the actual bun.

A few twists and stabs later, I was ready to go. I fastened the pouch, threw it back to Kyra, and set about rolling my pillow and sleeping bag together to put it in my travel bag without taking up too much space. When that was done and I checked that I had everything, I strolled to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Obviously it was packed; I mean, about forty-odd girls were in the dorm that night. 

I trooped down the stone stairs to get breakfast and smiled at the airy summer morning. The trees in the distance glinted in the sunlight and lifted my spirits as I grabbed a cup of weak tea and a plate.

"Two slices of toast and jam, please." I said brightly to a sullen Year thirteen student on breakfast duty. 'Might as well make her day as cheerful as mine,' I thought.

As I went to sit down, whom should I see but Mason; he was having a laugh with his mate, Jordan, in a black Tshirt with a Banksy work of art emblazoned across his chest. 

"Top of the morning to you, Si!" Jordan said, munching ravenously on his cornflakes. "Are you coming to the hut later?"

I smiled as flashbacks hit me from the previous day's escapades in the hut but managed to reply without looking like a loony.

"Yeah, I guess so. Are you enjoying that, then?" I said, sarcastically eying his (now soggy) cornflakes with distaste.

Jordan nodded slightly and his dark blonde hair flicked droplets of water everywhere. He reminded me of a dog.

"That's not fair!" I yelled, "The boys were allowed to have a shower and we weren't!"

"Shh! You idiot!" he vociferated quietly "We're not allowed either but I sneaked out earlier and had one."

By now, my friends had piled into the breakfast queue and were hollering at me to save them a space whilst Mason and Co. were leaving the table and retreating to their dorms/tents to spray more Lynx on themselves and pack up because we were returning home in a few hours' time.

My friends piled onto the table and I nibbled on my toast, staring at the space, which Mason had occupied.

"Hey Sienna, what's up?" Jessica teased, "Not too tired from your dancing yesterday are you?"

I shook my head, drank the last of my tea and headed back towards my dorm to do my makeup. 

Once in the smelly bathroom, I decided to go for smoky eyeliner and nude pinkish lips. At least the smokiness would hide the fact that I looked tired. I got out my spot-stick and covered a few small, red blemishes that I had developed from running around in the woods for two days.

Then, I skipped down the stone stairs, down the gravel hill path and into the clearing where the rest of my class were congregated.

"Hey Si Si what's wrong? You look sad," Mason frowned, holding out his arms.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and breathed him in whilst he encased me in his well-filled biceps and locked his hands between my shoulder blades. I smelt his deliciously strong Lynx, his tangy lime shower gel and then a distinctly deep smell. It was indescribable, the smell of him.

His cheek rested on the top of my head; my head was buried deep into his chest. I felt safe...and I heard girlish giggling.

Sofia and Kyra were standing there, screaming with laughter.

"Hahaha, I knew it Sienna! Posho's on it with the Nerd!" Kyra shouted.

Most people called me Posh because of the way that I spoke and carried myself and they called Mason a nerd because he was usually quiet and kept himself to himself, despite rumours that he was some huge bad boy.

Sofia simply raised an eyebrow and smiled slyly. I remembered the dark few months I had spent staring at Sofia and Mason holding hands in class, hugging in the cafeteria at lunch and to my utter horror, I caught them snogging ferociously once in the science corridor. Sacre bleu!

It had been an on and off relationship of which the longest chunk had lasted around two months but even when they broke up for a while or 'took a break' my blood would boil in rage because I knew that this wouldn't be the last time that they'd be together.

Mason had told me that they'd broken up formally this morning, and that this time they had broken up for good because he had started disliking Sofia over the past few weeks.

"Shut up, you." I laughed whilst Mason stood there giving Sofia the evil eye. I walked away and started talking to Jasdip, who had just turned up. When I looked back, Mason was gone.

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