Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Talia's POV

My alarm goes off as I reach for my phone and hit the snooze button. I sigh and get up from my bed. I don't want to be late for my first day of college so I plan on arriving there at least twenty minutes early so I can locate my first class.

I quickly wear a button up shirt and my white vans and go to the kitchen to make myself a coffee. Just as I sit down on the kitchen table to study my college schedule, there's a knock on the door. I frown obviously not expecting to see anyone knocking at my door at this early time in the morning. I get up and walk to the door to open it.

I'm greeted by a young man wearing a uniform.

"Hello" I say wondering who this man might be.

"Good morning ms.Angelo? Isn't it ?" He says with a smile.


"I'm from the car agency and I was just delivering your car."

"What car ?" I ask.

"A Mini Cooper Countryman "

"No I mean, there must be a mistake, I didn't buy a car"

The man searches in the papers that he is holding and looks at me again assuring me that I'm the owner of the car. He tells me to sign some papers and give me my car keys.

I'm still confused when I shut the door behind him and decide to call the only person capable of buying me such a car, my father.

I dial his number and he answers on the second ring.

"Good morning father."

"Good evening Talia" he responds, his voice firm and full of authority.

"I just wanted to ask you if you bought me a car." I say as if it's the most normal gift in the world.

"Yes I did. Do you like it ?"

I sigh before answering " Yes, yes I do, thank you father I really appreciate it but we already talked about you giving me some space, I'm an adult father."

"And so what, your father can't buy you a car now ?"

"No no it's not that but I wanted to buy one on my own, like with my own money"

"You can buy other things with your money now I have to go because I have an important meeting in five minutes" he says and I can hear people around him greeting him.

I almost tell him that he always has important meetings but decides against it and I just say goodbye and hang up.

My father is one of the richest man in London, he owns half of the buildings in there, he is always busy with his work so he never has the time to really take care of his family. Since my childhood he was always over protective like my mother so I was homeschooled and I never had a lot of independence so when I finally convinced him to let me move to Seattle after months of discussions it was like a big move in my life. I finally thought that I could be an independent person and not just the daughter of mister Angelo. But then he had to buy me that car, taking a bit of my independence again. Not that I'm complaining because I know it's not a big problem, it's even the opposite but I don't want to make people feel that I'm above them because of the fortune of my family.

I stand in front of the Cooper, admiring it from all it's angles, mentally thanking my father for buying me the car of my dreams. I hesitate a long time before opening the door of the car and getting into it. The car smells of new leather and air freshener.

I open the small cabinet in front of the passenger's seat and find my driver's license in it. I passed the International Drivers License last year when I visited America. A handwritten note saying "drive safe and next time don't forget your driver's license",signed by my dad, is taped to the license. My eyes grow wide as I look at the license and I slap my forehead remembering that I totally forgot about it when I was preparing my bags before moving in here and that my dad was basically a life saver for noticing that I forgot it and for putting it in the car.

I sigh, still not over the fact that my father, once again, had to interfere into my adult life even when I'm not in England. I shouldn't have accepted that present from the second that delivery guy knocked on my door, but I can't really argue with my dad so I promise myself that from now on all the eccentric gifts of my father, will not be accepted. I sigh again and turn on the car since I have two options: to drive the car, or the go to the campus on foot. I choose the first option because I don't know how far the campus is and the car seat is pretty comfortable.

"Here I am" I say to myself as I drive through the stone gate and into the campus.

The campus is great, the building are not very old but they are elegant. Hundreds of people fill the area. I head to my first class of literature and find the room empty. I sit down in the front row and wait for other students to come.

Not even a minute later, I hear a light knock on the open door and turn around to find a blond haired boy entering the room and sitting next to me with a warm smile on the face.

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