Prologue- A serial job.

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"Harry Edward Styles will be your new client." My assistant, Rob, declares and my heart sinks. Those were the words I dreaded to hear.

This guy was the one who raped four innocent girls, for a minute I thought he could rape me in my office. Lucky me. Actually no, he's also a murderer.

"He's outside the door." Rob continues and a shiver runs down my spine. I'm scared as hell. I have worked in this job for a few months and chatted with criminals, but not that kind of criminal.

I can't reject him. It's my job. Besides, my boss will fire me and I need this job if I want to continue my university.

Oh, where are my manners? I was so engulfed by my new costumer that I forgot. I'm Isabelle Swan and I'm a psychiatric. A normal 21 year old girl with a job to continue education.

I loved this job because I felt special helping people that are broken and disabled emotionally. Some criminals have their own issues and do all these crimes because of their issues. My job is to solve these issues.

But Harry Styles scares me. He was the first to scare me that much, to make me feel like my job is dangerous.

"Let him in." I let out a breath I didn't know was holding as two guards came in each holding one of Harry's handcuffed hands.

By his sexy looks, you can say he's a criminal.

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