12: Rescue

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Chapter 12

The Rescue


Maple: Conjuring. He makes the plant seeds.

Gourd: Manipulation

Autumn: Manipulation


"LET ME GO!!! LET ME GO!!!" Ging screamed. Ging was tied up in vines. Gourd was dragging him along.

"Here." Gourd said, typing a vine into Ging mouth like a gag, preventing him from making much noise. Gourd, Maple, and Autumn brought Ging into a small cave.

• • •

"Freecss isn't the only blood hound!" said Wdwune, who cut off some of his senses to boost his smell.

"Good, Wdwune!" said Scarecrow. "Keep following the scent of Autumn's perfume! They sure must've moved fast."

• • •

"Gotcha! You aren't that scary! Tehe!" exclaimed Eeta, the more shy of the two sisters.

"Just grab that tag before you incinerate it by accident." Elena said. "You need to learn how to control those blasts better."

"Yeah, 'kay, sis!" Eeta said.

Let's point out something here. Eeta and Elena are identical twins. Here's a way to remember the differences.

Eeta sounds like Eat. Little kids are usually sloppy Eaters. Eeta is less mature, like a young kid.

Elena, therefore, is the mature one. Elena has an L. L as in Long. Elena has Longer hair. Elena also has an N. Next to N is M. Like in Manipulator. Elena is the Manipulator, so Eeta is the Conjurer.

"We have two tags now." Elena said. "So much for these animals being dangerous and fun to fight. Let's go back to the airship."

"'Kay!" Eeta skipped behind Elena.

• • •

"So, you did have a tag." Maple said, playing with the hunting tag in his hand. "Hiding it under so many layers of clothes didn't help, huh? All we had to do was remove all of those layers of clothes."

"Shut up!" Ging yelled, hanging upside-down from the cave ceiling, tied up in rope-like vines. "I'm going to break out of this all by myself, and I'm gonna make sure you three die!"

"Oh, so you don't plan to kill us yourself?" Autumn said.

"Scarecrow said he has a deal to settle with you three." Ging said. "So he can kill you, but I'm gonna escape all by myself!"

"Yeah, sure." Gourd said. "You're hanging upside-down, and blood is rushing to your head. You'll probably faint before figuring anything out. Also, all of your limbs are tied. All you can move is your mouth, you brat."

"Want me to gag him?" Autumn asked. "I don't understand why you took the first gag off."

"No." Maple said. "It's enjoyable to hear him struggle and bluff. Leave his ability of speech as it is."

• • •

Two figures jumped down from the tree tops, right in the way of Scarecrow, Wdwune, and List.

"Who are you?!" Wdwune yelled. They did not reply. Upon further examination, they weren't both people.

One resembled some sort of large wolf. It didn't have a tag or anything. In fact, it appeared to be born of Nen.

The other figure was definitely a human. Their body was that of a male, but further information was unobtainable due to his eerie mask.

"What do you want from us?" called List. Rather than replying, they both began to charge.

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