Chapter 3

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Christina's P.O.V

We've arrived to California. Please wait for the light to go off to take off your seatbelt.

I was awaken by a loud booming man voice, so was Marisa. She had removed her head from my shoulder because earlier we fell asleep watching, "Finding Nemo". We then both looked at each other then our eyes widened, when we realized we weren't in boring PA anymore.

We then got our bags down from the overhead compartment and headed to the baggage check again. (Which was really boring but I didn't mind as long as I got to see my tyde! 😊). After about an hour of that, Marisa and I walked out and caught a taxi. We hopped in the taxi, and told the man to take us to the hotel. Which he did but we didn't get to the hotel until around 1 O'clock because of stupid cali traffic. But Marisa and I admired Cali on our way to the hotel, but while we were sitting my phone started buzzing. Till I looked down and saw that Tyde beat us to the hotel...and he had met some fans too 😔. But I was fine because he had replied to me earlier that day.

Tyde's P.O.V

I had gotten to the hotel at around 1 and checked in, then a bunch of fans gathered around. I was happy and all but some fans were asking me about Troye, which I didn't mind but it just kind of made me a little pissed of. So after I sign a few things a grabbed my suitcase and wheeled it into the elevator with me. I then press the 10 and head up to my room. I put the key and unlock it, I then jump into my bed and take a nap for about an hour. I woke up and my stomach was growling so I go into my bathroom and fix my quiff and give myself one more look and head out. I grab my key and phone and head to the elevator. I get in and press the "lobby" button. I walk in and notice a beautiful brunette and blonde girl. But they don't notice me. But the brunette girl looked awfully familiar but it found put my finger on it. We go up one floor and they walked out. Then the elevator continues to go to the lobby where I then go to the little cafeteria area. I then find a seat and sit down and start eating and go on my phone. I then go on my twitter and found out that the beautiful brunette girl was the girl I tweeted to this morning. "Wow", I said to myself. She's more gorgeous in person.

Christina's P.O.V

We had finally got there and checked in. We got our key and then headed to the elevator. Marisa and I hop in and hit the 11 on the button pad thing. I then move to the corner next to Marisa and we both get on are phones I noticed we had stopped at floor 10 but then I looked down at my phone again and this tall mannish figure walked in. But I didn't look up so I didn't see impolite. Marisa and I then go up to our floor. Then I noticed I was stupid and hit 11 when we needed floor 10. We then quickly hop in the elevator again and go down to 10. We then walk down the hall to room 436. We open the door and decide to chill for a little bit.

Authors note

Omg sorry. I honestly have no excuse but laziness. But omg thanks for all the reads like it think it's 78 but oh my lanta thank you all so much. Sorry if it's a bit shorter I tried to make it longer but ya know. Oh well imma go to bed. Ilyasm 😘😘😊❤️

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