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Chapter 2


I stared at the clock, longing for it to just skip the entire day and the bell cold ring already. But, of course, nothing happened. A note fell onto my desk and I opened it.

‘You know, staring at things without blinking for a long time isn’t exactly healthy for you Pewdie.’

I looked back and saw Ken smirking at me in amusement.  I glared at him with a smile and quickly wrote something back, flinging it back at him.

‘Shut it Ken, you know how much I hate mornings.’  He smiled and wrote back.

‘And yet, you stay up all night playing video games when you could be sleeping. Smart.’

Ken was always known for smart comebacks.  And wearing his weird bear hat that he takes with him everywhere he goes. I shook my head. I loved Ken, like a brother of course, it was only natural since we’ve been best friends forever. His and my mom worked in the same bakery, and they’ve been best friends since high school. So when Ken and I met, we already hit it off. I flicked him off and he looked at me in fake shock.  

Another note fell on my desk, and this one was written in purple ink pen.

~Did you get ANY sleep last night Pewds? You have bags under your eyes! ~ I looked in the direction it came from and saw Minx looking at me with her big brown eyes. I smiled at her. She was always looking after me. I send it back with my message.

‘I’m fine Minx, don’t worry. But you should worry about Ken getting a black eye.’

~What do you mean? ~

‘He’s being smart again.’

~Ohhh I see. Haha. ~

I smiled at her. Then a knock came from the door and a short guy came inside the room. He was bent over panting like crazy like he had just ran a mile. His black-brown hair was covering his face so I couldn’t see who it was. I turned to Minx and Ken and they both gave me confused looks. I looked back at the front of the classroom. Mr. Bilbo (who likes the Hobbit?) was looking at the stranger now with displeased eyes.

“You’re late, Mr-“


Mr. Bilbo looked at him in confusion. “Excuse me?” The short guy straightened up and looked at him, still not facing the crowd. “My name is Cry sir, so please call me that.” I was a little taken back by how deep this guy’s voice was. Wait, his name was Cry? That’s a name? Mr. Bilbo sighed. “Well then, Mr. Cry, go sit behind Mr. Morrison. And try to keep up with the lesson, please.” The stranger turned to the class and I saw he was wearing a….mask? “Mr. Morrison, please raise your hand for this gentleman.” Ken slowly raised my hand. Cry looked at him, or at least I think was him, and walked over and sat in the seat behind Ken, all the way in the back. “Now, back to the lesson.”


Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. I was so screwed. I ran down the hallways, looking everywhere for room 304C. I held the schedule close to my face, but the words were a little blurred. Crap. I forgot my reading glasses at home. I looked at the door numbers as I ran by. 105A. 107A. 400E.

What the fuck? Wasn’t I just in the A’s? I sighed and came to a stop. This giant school was just too confusing and big for me. I slumped down onto the ground, my back against the wall.  This was terrible. I sighed and brushed my hair back. “Hey, um...You need a little help?” I looked up and saw a tall guy with dark brown hair and hazel eyes looking at me. I nodded. “Yeah, you know where room 304C is? I’m kinda lost.” The guy laughed. “No kidding man. But anyway, classroom 304C is down that way.” He pointed down the hall I just came from.

“And then you turn right and if you keep walking you’ll see it. You better hurry, you’re pretty late.” I got up and nodded. “Right.” He stuck out his hand. “I’m Tobuscus, but you can call me Toby.” I stared at his hand and shook it. “I’m Cry.” He gave me a smile. “Nice to meet you, Cry. Hey, I’ll see you school, I gotta go. As in ‘go’.” He laughed. I nodded. Then I remembered I was late. “Oh shit, I’ll see you around Toby!” I yelled over my shoulder as I ran. I heard him laugh. “Alright!”

I knew I was lying as much as he was. He wouldn’t see me around school because he would be avoiding me, like everybody else does. I ran until I saw room 304C. I stopped and knocked in habit of my mother, before running in. I doubled over panting. “You’re late Mr.-“

“Cry.” I quickly said. I didn’t need anyone in this school calling me by my name. “Excuse me?” I straightened up and looked at the teacher. “My name is Cry sir, so please call me that.” Another habit I had learned from mom, always talk with respect to adults. He sighed. “Well then, Mr. Cry,” He said it like it was a disgraceful thing. “Go sit behind Mr. Morrison. And try to keep up with the lesson, please.” I turned to the students. All of their eyes were on me. One pair caught my eye. A light clear blue pair. The same color as my mom’s. They belonged to a guy with dirty blonde hair, wearing green headphones around his neck, a white shirt, and blue pants. I quickly averted my eyes.

“Mr. Morrison, please raise your hand for this gentleman.” A guy with dark brown hair and matching eyes, wearing a bear hat, a red shirt and grey pants raised his hand. I looked at him and walked over quickly and quietly, and sat down behind him, in the back of the classroom. I laid my head down on the desk after I took off my bag. “Now, back to the lesson.”

My head jolted up awake when I heard a loud bell. Was I asleep just now? I looked around the classroom and saw everyone getting up and leaving. I got my stuff and pulled it over my shoulder. I was about to walk out of the door when the teacher called me over. “Mr. Cry, come here please.” I sighed and walked over. “Yes, sir?” He glared down at me. “I don’t appreciate when students fall asleep in my class. Don’t make me call your mother. She would be vey disappointed.” Anger rushed through me and I slammed my fist down on his desk. “Don’t you ever mention her! You don’t know her, you don’t know me! So lay off!” I yelled, attracting some people’s attention. But I don’t give a shit. This guy didn’t know me. I walked away, my blood boiling. This was a fantastic day so far…


 …More in time…

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