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in front off me was a titanic like bus, but black and it wasn't a boat. After a few seconds I realised what it was it was black veil brides tour bus....

"what" I whispered

"I must be dreaming" I thought

Then Andy, Ashley, cc, jinxx and jake all came of the tour bus I realised at this point this was a dream... a dream come true this was all so overwhelming I was getting sweaty my heart was pounding......


"I think shes waking up" I heard from the mouth of ashley purdy

*groans* "what ashley"

everything was blurry my vision wasn't coming back soon

"hello can you hear us" shouted cc

. I was startled by the sight of andy in his war paint I though it was a clown uh I hate clowns

"where am I" I said as I rubbed my eyes

"calm down its ok you we found you in the middle of the pavement unconscious and we didn't wanna leave you there and your inside our tour bus" andy said soothingly to me as he came to sit next to me

"just breath slowly" andy said

I breathed in and out very slowly. I cant believe this was happening

my vision came back to me. then they all introduced themselves to me

"hey im andy biersack"

"im jinxx"

"hi im jake pitts"

"ashley purdy" he said as he winked at me

"and im cc"

"I know exactly who you all are and im aimee by the way"

andy immediately saw there faces on my top as I said that.

"oh so you're a fan then"

I nodded

"wow a fan that isn't screaming or crying at the sight of us that makes a change" jake says to me

"yer um guys I've got to go to school thanks for everything"

"no no no no you're not stable enough to go plus I thought you wanted to chill with us seeing you're a fan" said ashley as he sat by me.

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