After school finished Marie took my car so she can drive home she said she'll bring it back later. I went to my locker to put my books away and met up with Justin at the flag pole.

"Hey you ready to go?"

"Yeah" he said

Justin and I had a project to do for Civics so we were gonna walk to his house to work on it.

"So you liking the new school."

"Yeah the school's pretty cool but there's this guy I ran into today and he got on my nerves."


"His name's Dylan."

"Oh I hate him too he was my ex boyfriend"

"Oh really then he's really stupid that he let you go"

"Well thank you Justin"

We got to his house it was a pretty fast walk from school.

"You want anything to eat Ariana?"

"Nah not now where are your parents Bieber?"

"Well my mom's outta town and my dad's in Florida"

"There divorced?"


"Oh I'm so sorry"

"It's ok anyways we're really not gonna do the project right"

"Well I mean we still have to work on it cause it's due Friday"

"I know but I meant right now cause I'm kinda tired"

"I guess but we gotta work on it tomorrow"


Justin's Pov

Man I really like Ariana man she's sooo gorgeous but I never had this kinda feeling for Selena, Ariana's different. That's why I told her to come to my house cause I have it all to my self.

So after we discussed the project. I took off my shirt cause it's California it's hot once I took it off I went to the couch to watch tv. Ariana came along and stared at my abs haha I can tell she wanted them

"Um hello the tv's over there"

"Right sorry Justin"

"I was kidding A"

"Did you just call me A"

"Yeah why not"

"Fine then I'm calling you J"

"Ok hey wanna go to the pool"

"Um Justin I don't have my bathing suit"

"Just go in your bra and panties"

Once I said that Ariana smacked my arm

"Ow what was that for"

"Because I can't do that you have neighbors"

"If you were wearing a bikini it would be the same thing"

"Ugh fine where's your bathroom so I can change"

"Down the hall to the left"

Wow I can't believe she's actually coming in the pool like that. Good job Bieber you got her attention.

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