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La'Shay POV

I felt this Awful Cramp in my stomach, It hurt like hell, i looked Down At my 5 in a half month belly and seen it moving. i Smiled and looked Down, My mann was kicking the hell outta Mommy. i recorded my belly and sunt it to Taee, Sayin Come over, bring me sum Penutbutter shortbread cookies with sum M&Ms And Some blue bell Icecream With Some BarBQue Chips, BabyDaddyyy <3

I got out of bed and Went To my bathroom, I'm 18 Still Living with my Mama , She Told Me When i drop the baby i gotta Find a job and Place so i could Provide for me and the baby.

Suddenly I heard a knock on my room door, in came Taee.

"I Didn't Think You'll come this Early," i Said to him. i only had on my Sports bra And my Power puff girls Panties. "Its iight, here," He gave me My stuff i asked for. "my ma Let you in ?" he nodded. there was a silence and i caught him Staring at my body, he Looked back at me as Our eyes connected.

"You wanna Spend Time With me and Your Son for A Bit?" i Smiled. "Accually No, i Gotta Go to a Interview." he said. "Ohh, Well, Bye i guess," he Head Nodded me and Left.

That was Weird......

Taee POV

"Hi, I'm Your New Manager, Mr.Deen, Call me Robert," this man said to me. Ky Persuaded me To Work Here , i did a Application a week ago and Now they Called me, i work at this Resturant Called Iguana's Strange Huh? But its A Expensive resturant soo my Check would be Moree Money.

i Work From 7:30Am Till 10:00Pm. And Now its 8:38 A.M. Damnn this Funna Be a long Dayyyy. !!

Ithought about our Convo lasnite, i wonder where the Hell Shed Go, i called her phone numerous times i got no answer. i Just hope shes okay ....

KyAnna POV 3:30 P.M.

Fuckk , Where the HELL Am i??!!

I Woke up outta My Slobbery Sleep , Looked around and i was in My Sister Kinah House on the Sofa. "Kinaaaaaaaahhh?!" i yelled. No Answer... i went To her room , There she Was Knocked out With her laptop on her Lap. i smiled. My Sis Sholl Can't wait Till She Finish with School.. !

I went back to the Living room To my Buzzed iPhone that's ringing.

"Hello?" i Picked it Up, my Voice Cracked. "Ky, Uu iight ?! You Good?!" A Worried voice said into the phone. i then remembered. "What in the Hell Uu want Taee?" i said harshly. "i was just seeing as you aight,  i got the job...." he Trailed. "Woopiee, Hurray, Good For You," i said Being Sarcastic. the line went Silent. "I gotta Go, Lunch time almost over And i Ainn Eat My Sanwitch Yet," he Chuckled. I did the same.

"I Love You KyAnna," Taee Said to me.

"I Love you Too DeonTaee" i Said Back and Hung up the phone.

I looked at the clock on My phone. Fuckkkk !! I'm late to Work , it's almost 4, Shit Shit Shit Shit !! i wrote a lil Note Telling Kinah i Left And Placed it on her laptop and Left out.

As i Was Riding In my car , i Decied i should go to Ja'Kayla House, her car was Home Soooo i Guess She was here...

I Hopped out my Car and went Up her stairs And Ran the Doorbell then Out Came Her Mother Teresa.

"Heeeey KyAnna !!" she Said Hugging me. i hugged Back. "Hi, Mrs.Jackson, is Kayla Here, ?" i asked. "Yess , She's Upstairs in her room!" She said and let me in. i Thanked her and went towards her cracked door. i opened it and couldn't believe my Eyes, Kayla was finna Fuck Roncin. "Oh Gosh, ill Just Come back later....." i Said Closing the Door Back. i Left Quickly Without saying bye to Mrs Jackson.

I decied to go to Simply Fashion To get Me a Outfit or whatever .


"KyAnna ?" This Female Voice said i didn't know who it was, i Looked around . "Ovaa Here Girl!!" it Yelled again i followed the Voice. it was that girl Ashanti.

"ohh Heey, Ashanti Right ?" i exclaimed. she nodded and i hugged her. "Girl , Who Uu Here With?" I asked. "My Mama , Ughh , She CAN NOT Shop, When i was in Georgia , i Dressed like a Freakinn Nerd , Ny, She Want me Dressin Nerdy, i wanna start here Freshh As Fuuuucckkk when i go to school, Jewlery, Shorts, Tanks, ErrThaann !" She Exclaimed doing a fye ass Dance. i had to Bust out a Laugh. she did to. "But Last time i seen you, You looked Fye asf!" "Shidddd, I just put a lil outfit together, And them Breds Bout 5 Years Old ," She Smaked her teeth i busted out again.

"Forreal Tho ! You wanna Meet my Ma?" i Nodded. She pulled me By my arm and Practically dragged me over to A Slim Women, She was pretty, Long Brown hair, Carmel complexion, And Big Grey Eyes. "Ma, This is KyAnna, KyAnna This Is My Mama, Denise Edwards." "Hi Miss Edwards, Its a pleasure to meet you !" i said putting my hand out. "Sweety I don't Shake hands, I'm A Hugger," She reached her arms out and We Hugged. i Looked into her hands and Seen long sleeve shirts ugly Jeans, And Some Church dress. Ashanti was right. Her mom Doesn't Know how To shop....

"Hey Miss Edwards, How about i take this out your hands and you go home and rest." i smiled. "Aww Forreal KyAnna , You're Soo Niceee , Here," She gave me the clothes. "Shanti, Call Me When Yall Done," She said to Ashanti, But She was Busy on her pink iPhone 5c. "Mhm Ma, Byee Luhh Ya!" she said it back and it was me and her..

"First off, Lets get rid of these ugly ass Outfits! wanna go to the mall with me ?" i asked. "Yessss Girl !! But ionn Got But 85 $ My daddy Sunt Me." She Frowned. "Girl, if Uu Run out i gotchuu !" i said and she smiled and Said."Wooord ? Leggo !"

"Ooooooo Yess Girl , i want theseee !" Ashanti Said Holding up The Jordan 5's. "Get Em, You Got Enuff," i said Giving her 100$ To go with Her 23 dollars. "Thaankk Yoouu Girl !!" She said and Ran to the Cashier.


while in Forever21, Katie, My White Friend, Let me in on a discount, After We Left, We Got inside my Baby, And Drove off.

"Where You Live Ashanti?" i Asked. "Umm.... 1204 on 15th Street" She said. i almost Slammed on Brakes. "Girrrl , !! i stay on 15th St. Too! Buut Uu Live All The way down dea and i live in the middle area," i said as we pulled up in her driveway. "Yesss buut we needa Do this again i had fuun !" she said. "Give Me Yo Number And ill Call You tomorrow," We Exchanged Phones, And Put our Numbers in. "iight Girl," She said and i waved.

As i was driving i passed by my used to be house. over the years it gotten burned and grass dun took over. Tall grass, that's when the snakes come out.

I Pulled the car over aand began to cry because my mother and sister would be in this world.right about now , my daddy ain't here, it's just me and shekinah.

I finally got situated Enough to drive again. I pulled up in Our Driveway and Hopped out. i Decided that Tommorow ill go get Me A Tattoo, a galaxy of stars and hearts going up my side maybe ? it would look good on my light skin but whatever ....

once i got home i breathed the strawberry scent taee Loved, he mustve cleaned before he left. That's a first ...



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