Kyree's POV

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Tomorrow is the first day of school. So I make a back to school party. Everyone is invited. Most of all the human flesh. The humans comes in and its all fun and games. Then the lights are out, and its eating time. We bite and drink their blood. Most of all more vampires come over night. Something happened that I never expected would happen. A girl. Yes a girl of all desires. A girl who comes in. As I watch her she gets bitten. My heart got so shocked in fear. I had to compel her to forget. But she was full of ravine. Which means she could not be compelled. I go down where she is located. I heal her, but when she wakes up, she would be a vampire. She had a tattoo on her neck. It said Susan, in a capitals. Was it her name, or someone she deeply loved. No one would ever know, until she wakes up. When the party was over, I brought her home. I laid her in her bed and try to compel her again. No more ravine was left in her body. As of today, she would know herself as Susan and the girl who turned a vampire over night.

* * *

I wake up and rub my eyes. I open my eyes and its 6:55, I have to get to school at 7:00. Well that wouldn't be a problem. I take a shower and get dressed super fast. I look at the time its 6:57. I walk to school which is a block away. I look at the time, its 7:05, and I made it just in time I walk into the school and get my locker number. As I was walking I see that girl again. She was rubbing her neck. I went to her and started a conversation. She spoke pure English, like she knew ever syllable that came out of her mouth. We went to our lockers, we were right next to each other. She took almost all the things out her book bag and put it in her locker. I asked her for her name, she said its Susan. She asked for mine, I told her Kyree. As we were walking to class, a boy stepped in. Almost every girl looked at him, even Susan. I went to sit down and Susan came with me. He spoke to the teacher for about 10 minutes. She pointed to a seat next to Susan. "Susan raise your hand please" So she did. He sat down and spoke. "Hello Susan, my name's Stefan." She looked at him, and spoke. "Hi" she said it with such blush, like she was fascinated. She rubbed her neck and Stefan catched her. His face expression showed that she had got bitten. The fact how his eyes got red and around his eye got black and his teeth got pointy. Then he looked away. He started to pack up and the bell rung. He left and went to his next class. Susan packed up and went to her class. Sadly her next class was not the same as mines. I get in class and I couldn't stop thinking about her. I can feel her instants, and the people she was around. She was with Stefan. I can feel it. I just wanted to eat him up and leave him cold to be.  

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