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I woke up 6 hours later at 8am, I was going to fly home tonight and I wanted to have an amazing day.

It was actually wednesday but since I was moving I was away from school, my parents decided to take a break from work and so did Jason. So we are going to have an amazing day together everybody.

I decided to take a shower, I was going out today with my family and I wanted to look good. Actually it wasnt my choice where we are going, I told my parents to found out something I wanted it to be a surprice.

My grandma came in just after I came out from the bathroom, she wanted to make sure that I still wanted to move and of course I wanted to, I couldn't wait!

"So are you excited for tonight, princess?" she asked

"Im really excited but also nervous. Its going to be really weird, but I can't wait to live with you and grandpa"

"I talked to him, he is really excited to see you again," she said

"Amazing, but I'll get some clothes on and then I come down, okay?"

"Okay, I'll tell mom and dad"

I walked over to my closet and took out some leggins and a dress, I wasn't used to see myself in a dress, but I wanted to wear one today, it was special and maybe It would love having a dress on.

I walked down stairs and I knew we wasn't going to eat breakfast at home we were going out.


When we arrived to the restuarant I found a table and sat down. I've never been at this restaurant before so I could totally be myself.

I took bacon, pancakes, egg, bread and fruit to eat and some juice. I really enjoyed the meal it was along time since I've been on a restaurant for breakfast. My family looked like they enjoyed it as much as I did. When we were finish eating or I thought we were but we weren't, cause when I first tried to get up from the chair my mom pulled me down.

"You need to wait, just five minutes more," she said

"Oh okay," I said confused

The five minutes felt like eternity. The time who used to go so fast, was so slowly now.

When the five minutes were gone, we walked out to the car and drove to the center.

"But honey," my mom said smiling all over her face

"What?," I was confused

"When you're moving back to Canada you're going to start at the same school as Laura"

I couldn't believe what I just heard, this was amazing.

I smiled all over my face and hugged my family.

"Thank you so much," I said

"We just want you to be happy," my dad said

We just walked around in the center and had really fun but the time was going to fast so suddenly we had to go home. My grandma and I are leaving in 3 hours.


When we came home I run up to my room to pack the last things and then down again to say goodbye to my family.

"Goodbye mom, dad and Jason, I will miss you so much," I said with a sad face

"Goodbye sis, I'll miss you too,"

"Goodbye honey, we're so proud of you and we will miss you a lot," both my parents said.

It was hard to say goodbye but now we were sitting in the taxi on our way to the airport.

"I hope you're okay with all this, and that you're excited, princess," my grandma said

"I am grandma, I cant wait. I know I'll miss my parents and Jason a lot, but I'm glad im with you," I said

"That's great honey."

I really was excited and I couldn't stop smiling, this was so amazing, glad I got the opportunity. This means a lot to me.

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