Dear Diary

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Dear Diary,

Hi,I'm Sonic Hedgehog. I'm kind of shy,but I fight against an evil human named,Dr.Eggman. He is the grandson of the greatest evil to ever enter this world. His name was Dr.Robotnik,but he died a couple years ago. My friends and I defeated him with his own device. Anyway,I go to Auburn Destiny High School with my friends Tails,Sally,and Knuckles. I actually like school,except for the fact people pick on me. They call me gay,retarded,idiot,and many other things. If it wasn't for me and my friends fighting against evil,they wouldn't even be here! They would be robot slaves for Robutnik! My mom abandoned me and my brother and my sister! I haven't met my mom,my brother is dating a guy that bullies me,my sister is a germaholic! As for me,I make a living being a rock star by the name of Peyton Perfection. I have concerts everywhere. People love me. If only they knew who I really am...


I closed my Diary,and went to sleep. I had school the next day.

The next day,I got myself together for school,ate breakfast,and zoomed out of the door. I got to school about 5 seconds later just to get shoved to a locker by my brother's boyfriend.

"What's up,Blue?" Scourge's scratchy voice said. "Ready for Monday's beat up?"

"N-no! Leave me alone!" I said,as determined as possible. I'm tired of him hurting me!

"What was that? Leave you alone?" Scourge said,sarcasticly,"Make me!"

"You got it comin' to ya," I punched in in the gut. Hard. He fell to the floor. "Now do you see how much you hurt me!? Never again!" I kicked him in the side. "Don't you EVER touch me EVER AGAIN!" I walked off to hear people saying 'OH MY god!'

My brother ran up to me and yelled "What the hell is your problem man! Why did you beat up my boyfriend!?"

"Because he beat the crap out of me every darn day! I'm sick of it! What do you see in him!?" and again I ran off. I ran to class.

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