Chapter 10: Jaxon's POV

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"So who is she?" Ryder asked out of nowhere, he didn't even take his eyes off of the video game we were playing.

"Who's who?" I asked confused.

"You're playing really badly today."

"And..? What does that have to do with anything?"

"It means you're not focused, and the last time you were THIS unfocused you were thinking about how much you liked your ex Katie."

"Well I don't have anyone on my mind." this of course was a lie, because all I've been thinking about lately was Alfie. I was still just so confused on my feelings for him..if I actually had feelings for him.

"Yeah yeah, that's a lie. I know when you're lying Jaxon." he paused the game and looked over at me. "Are you scared to tell me who it is or something?"

"Ryder. I haven't been thinking about anyone. I dont like anyone." I didn't look at him, he'd know I was lying more if I looked at him.

"Jaxon come on. I don't care who it is. Just tell me. It's alright." Ryder was pleading and I could see he wasn't going to give up.

"Ryder..I'm not even sure if I do like them. It's not a for sure thing. I don't know how to even explain.."

"Well try."

"Okay fine. But..don't hate me okay?" I looked up at Ryder.

"I could never hate you bro. No matter what." Ryder smiled at me and I took a deep breath.

"I think I might like Alfie..."

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