Party time!

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Chp.2 The Next Day


" Who's at the door at this hour?" "IT'S 12:03 IM SLEEPING JEEZ," I said getting out of bed in to the front door.

"HEY!" said Kelly screaming in my face.

"Kelly what are you doing here, you know I don't get up until 1:00 on Saturdays!" I said aggravate."Come in." Kelly walked in to my house and went straight to the kitchen.

"You know Kelsey's parents are going away for while right?" said Kelly getting a bag of Doritos.


"Well lets throw a party at Kelsey's house!" said Kelly.

"WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY!!"I screamed. "Kelsey's parents would never let us throw a party"

"Because they would never know." said Kelly grinning.

"What if we get cought? I said.

"We won't."

" Are you sure?"


*At 4:00 getting ready for the party*

Me, Kelly, and Kirsten are at Kelsey's house.

"Alyssa go and call people that there's a party at Kelsey's today." said Kelly

"Okay!"I said going to Kelsey's home phone.

"Where's Kelsey?" asked Kirsten

"Ummm she's going to get food for the party!" Kelly said laughing.

"I hope Kelsey's parents wouldn't know about the party. Or even my parents find out." I said.

I Sign and picked up Kelsey's home phone and started to call people from our school. I hope nothing bad will happen.

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