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"I'll get it!" Ana jumps up and runs over to the door, she stops and smooths out her black and white checkered blouse and reaches for the door knob. I hear her sigh as she opens the door.

"Oh, hey!" I stand up as Ana opens the door all the way. "Mrs. Jen, do you need help with something." Ana ask.

"Yes, Ana. I do. I was wondering if either of you had picked up my mail. It seems there isn't anything in my box." She rolls her eyes at Ana and looks to me. Such an evil old lady.

"Did you ever think maybe you just didn't get any?" Ana speaks to her with a fake I'm-sorry-but-we-don't-have-your-mail tone. I stifle in a life as Mrs. Jen looks up at her. She's quite short, only atleast 4'9, with curly, down-to-her-shoulder hair.

"Oh, now why didn't that ever occur to me?" She's all sarcasm.

"Well, I'm sorry Jen, we don't have your mail. We haven't even gotten ours yet." I say.

"Mrs- it's Mrs. Jen." She shoots me a glare. "You don't have anything in your box either." 

"Okay, thanks for letting us know." Ana gives her a sweet looking, but fake smile.

"Alright." Mrs. Jen goes to turn around when she's stopped my a tall figure.


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