You And I (An O2L Fanfiction)

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"Come on babe! We're meeting all of the O2L guys today! It's gonna be so exciting!" I felt my heart pumping, I felt as if I were going to meet the love of my life today. But that can't be possible because I already have a boyfriend. We're planning on getting married. I can't be meeeting the love of my life when the love of my life is already here.

"Do you see them?" I asked Michael. "Nope, there's too many people- " he was cut off my all the shrieking of what could only be one thing. O2L was here! "Where are they?! OMG I SEE THEM! AHHH! Come on lets go meet them!" I grabbed Mike's arm and pulled him through the crowd. "Connor is that you?" I asked. Stupid question really. Of course it was Connor. Those beautiful green eyes and perfectly shaped nose couldn't belong to anyone else. He held out his hand but I was too focused on his eyes that I didn't noticed until Mike told me. "Hi, my name is Daniela and I'm so honored to meet you!"

"The honor's all mine beautiful lady"

"Hey back off!" I heard Mike say


"I'm just protecting MY beautiful lady."

"Oh I'm sorry" Connor said

"Time to move along" the security guy said

"It was really nice meeting you Connor and I hope we meet again."

That's the last thing I remember saying before everything goes blank.

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