Jessica’s P.O.V

I felt like I was dying in P.E. We had to run three laps through the woods behind our school. I felt really sweaty after. Every time I ran by Harry would give a high five. And he always told me ‘you can do it’ that was very sweet of him.

Right now second period: English.

I was the second person in our row. In front of me was Sanne. Behind me was Harry, then Liam and then Niall. Zayn and Femke were seated next to each other and were passing notes. I hope Nialler doesn’t get to jealous of them.

I’m playing with the little bouncing ball Lou and I were playing with just this morning. I roll it back and forth. It almost fell a few times and when my pencil fell I thought it was the bouncing ball so I let out a little scream.

‘How  can you survive this women. –Haz’

‘Just nod and smile when she looks your way. –J ‘

‘ I think I can do that. –H’

‘You sure? It’s pretty hard for a pop star who didn’t go to college. –J’

‘ I don’t like to be called a pop star. And I think I’m pretty smart you know. –H’

‘ You smart?  Good joke. –J’

‘I here I was thinking we could be friends but no were enemies now. –H’

I hold back a laugh and turn around to look at Harry. He sticks his tongue out and smiles. I shake my head and turn around again.

‘You’re stupid you know. You can’t me mad at me. –J’

‘Thank you. But no I can’t be mad at you, that’s true. You’re too beautiful to be mad at. –H’

‘Stop flirting. –J’

‘What’s flirting-H’

I was about to answer when,

“Harry and Jessica are those phones” Ms Mcadam screams.

“I wouldn’t look at it like a phone more like a modern way to talk to people without making any noises” Sanne says.

“ Sanne do you want detention?”

“ No, I would love to spent another hour with you miss, but I can’t cheat on my fridge. We’ve been strong now for 15 years now. I’m sorry”

“You go girl” Louis shouts.


“ But that’s unfair I didn’t do anything” Louis says.

Miss Mcadam doesn’t even respond and goes back to teaching.

‘You just had to say that didn’t you? –J’

‘Sorry, you know I talk before I think. –S’

‘Sadly, yes I know that and it’s horrible when you do that. –J’

‘Thank you’

“Jessica and Sanne hand over those phones. Jessica you can join Louis and Sanne for detention”

Sanne and I groan. I hear Harry snicker behind me. He’s gonna pay for that. Weirdo is playing Candy Crush.

“Miss Harry was texting me a few minutes ago and now he’s playing Candy Crush.”  I say.

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