The Raging night & Fearful day

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This story takes place in the 2000th where Dracula has  two sons and one daughter. Dracula Immigrated from Europe to the US once it was founded and fell in love with the country when he learned of its dominance over other countries. He and his family had established New Orleans as their kingdom for centuries. Michael was the oldest son, there after came Adrian the middle child, and lastly the daughter Natalie who was the youngest and felt alone being the only daughter. After living a very cannibalistic lifestyle for centuries, Natalie did not want to be a killer anymore and gave up her savagery lifestyle. She wanted to have a normal life like everyone else.  For this, she was exiled from the state of Louisiana, banished from the council, and disowned by her father. Months later she established herself in Kogsworth, Virginia and gets accepted into Kogsworth University where she will meet the man that will change her life forever.

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