When They Meet Your Parents

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"You're still with me. Come let's go back to the hotel and I'll make you some chocolate chip cookies." Bo said

Even though your parents is rude to you, Bo always cheer you up the best way he can.

Lucas Baker:

Lucas begin to see your parents as they shook his hand and allow them to come inside as you smiled at them. Your mom told him the times when you were just a baby which made you feel embarrassed as your dad tells Lucas to be a gentleman and protect you which he understands and he kissed your cheek as you smile at a nice time with your parents.


Bendy begin to hold your hand as you went over to your parents as they look at Bendy as he show his smile as they look at you.

"Is that umm a demon?" Your dad asked

"He's a cartoon." You said

Your mom understands and she showed you pictures of you dancing, your baby butt and even an embarrassing video of you singing the ABCs which made Bendy laughed as you felt embarrassed. You have a nice time with your parents even though they like Bendy.

Vincent Sinclair:

Vincent is extremely shy because he's afraid that your parents wouldn't like him with a disfigured face. You came inside as your mom kissed your cheek as your father gave you a little run on the head as you introduce them to Vincent as he shook their hands. They then tell him about the ice sculpting contest and showed them the trophy that you have. He smiled and explain to them about the wax figures he made as they are impressed about him. He then slowly take off his mask as your parents gasped with shock and ask him how did he get this way as he told him about his childhood which they felt very sorry for and they told him more things about you. He smiled that he loves your parents and he waved goodbye as you also hold his hand and you have a great time with them.


Foxy begin to talk to your parents through video chat as your parents smiled at him as he told them that he was a pirate and love to do some fun games with the kids as your parents smiled at him as you also smile softly. They both wave goodbye and blow a kiss at you as you smiled at them.


You bring Creeper to see your parents as Creeper smiled softly at them as your parents took interest in him and begin to talk with him about you. They even showed you pictures of yourself listening to rock music when you were a kid which made you smile. Creeper have a nice time with your parents.

Ginger Fitzgerald:

At your house, your dad smiled at Ginger as he begin to hug you and tell you all the accomplished things you did like the time he saved a kid from being endangered as he also give ginger some more information about lycanthropes which she smiled at as she likes your dad. Even your mom is ok with you being with her as you have a great time with them.

Jennifer Check:

Jennifer Check went over as she sees your parents as your dad is there as he smiled as Jennifer shook your dad's hand. Your dad then tell Jennifer that you are a very talented student as Jennifer nodded with agreement. He then smile at you and kiss your cheek as he left as Jennifer smiled at you.

"You have a nice dad." Jennifer smiled

Pamela Voorhees:

Finishing with Camp Crystal Lake, your mom came and she kissed your cheek as you smiled and introduced her to Pamela as Pamela shook her hand. She then asked her that if you kept the kids safe as she nodded yes which made you feel happy. Your mom even showed Pamela pictures of yourself as a baby which made you feel a bit embarrassed.

"Boy Y/N I wish your dad was here." Your mom said

You nodded because your dad passes away from a shooting incident as your mom kept you close. You have a nice time with your mom.

Angela Baker:

It is parents visiting day at the sleepaway camp as you smiled and hugged your parents as Angela is shy. You told her to come over and tell her not to be shy which she did as your dad smile at softly as you did tell them that she's a transgender female which made them nod with understanding as your dad talk to Angela about you which made her feel better as your mom smile at Angela as she tells her all about you. After a while of talking, they both hugged Angela and even you as you smile and wave goodbye to your parents after having a nice time together.


Your parents don't want to speak to you at all now that you're at the motel with Dolly as she growls angrily and wanted to kill your parents so bad as you sighed and Dolly hugged you close. She wants to be alright instead of hurt.

Marguerite Baker:

You told Marguerite to be in human form as she did and she held your hand as you went over to your house as Eveline who is about 10 years old in her kid form, follow you. You then knock the door as your mom opened the door and notice you and growl.

"Go away!" Your mom said

Your mom slammed the for as Eveline begin to make an angry look on her face and also knocked which made your father open the door.

"What do you want?" Your dad asked

"Let Y/N in please. She's a nice girl and she is your daughter after all." Eveline said

"Nope! She's a fucking whore with that freak!" Your dad said

Marguerite got really angry in a snap and she left while being really pissed off as Eveline also felt angry. You went inside as Marguerite comfort you.


You bring Annabelle who is in her human form to your parents as your dad smile softly at her and shake her hand as your mom nods and also did the same. Your dad tell Annabelle all the positive things about you which made Annabelle giggle as he showed you cute pictures of yourself as a baby. Your mom did tell Annabelle about trying to respect her being gay which she understands and Annabelle smiled at her.

Aleera, Marishka, and Verona:

Your parents are dead from the car accident as the brides comfort you close.

Tiffany Ray:

Tiffany is in human form as she tried to explain about you but your mom put hateful things about you. Your mother then blamed you for your father's death which made Tiffany yell at her saying to her that you are such a caring girl which your mom growled and tell her to get out which made Tiffany refused. She doesn't want to see you hurt any more and your mom then stormed uproars but Tiffany pushed her down the stairs leaving your mom knocked out. She then bring you to a hotel to be safe and sound.


Your dad came over to the recording studio to see you as you are with Alice as he smiled and hugged you close and Alice smiled and introduced herself to her. He then showed you some pictures of your dance competition when you were about 3 years old which made you giggle as Alice smiled and pinch your cheeks. You have a nice time with your dad.

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