Chapter One: Welcome To Hell.

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Dani's P.O.V


       "Hello? Dan?" I called put for my twin. "In here!" He said from the art room. Shit! I left my stuff in there! I swing open the door to see him looking through my sketch book. "Dan!" He jumps and spins around. "Erm.... Uh..... Sorry.....?" I snort. "Dan, it's fine," I replied just as the door slammed shut. Oh shit.... "Well. Mom's home," he slowly said. "Y-yeah....." "Hey! You brats get down here!" 'mom's' voice calls. "C-coming mother!" Me and Dan race down the stairs. "Ya know, you two are little sluts," she slurs before shoving both of us to the ground. Ouch! Well, that fucking hurt. I brace my self to get beat, instead I hear Dan whimper from beside me. I jump up and shove 'dad' off of him.


Carrie's P.O.V


     "Hey Carrs," I hear Gemma say from beside me. "Hi Gems." See, me and my sister Gemma were kidnapped. I can only go to Dani's house and school. "What time is it?" I look down on my watch. 12:00 am. "Midnight." I replied. "Urg. I'm starving." she complained. "Gemma, tomorrow's the day we get food," Tomorrow is Wednesday, the day we get a wine glass filled with milk and a meal. "Alrightttttt.." She says, dragging out the 't'. "Good evening my prettys!" Darwin's voice calls from above. Shoot.


Hey my wonderful nutella pancakes! It's Trinity here, this is my first fan fiction so the beginning will probably suck. So, yeah bye!

Live, Laugh, Love,


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