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*Alex's POV*

Today is the day that Emily finds out what gender her baby is, I think it's a girl but both Preston and Emily think it's a boy. Either way they're thrilled. It's about 1:30 in the afternoon right now and they left about an hour ago. Josselyn had her first birthday about a month ago, and Maddie had her baby. They named him Caleb Mark and he's about two weeks old. I think that Colten will enjoy having someone to play with when Caleb gets older.

I'm laying on the couch, playing with Mitch's fingers when the door swings open. Emily prances in and sits right next to me. She looks at me and grins, obviously happy with the appointment.

"Was it a boy?" I ask.

"No, it's a girl, but I'm still really happy."

"That's awesome! Where's Preston?" I inquire.

"He's in the car, still in shock," she says as Preston walks through the door.

"Hey," he says in a trance.

"Excited for the baby?" I ask.

"Of course, I'm really happy to be having a girl too."

He sits down and Mitch watches as Emily pecks Preston's cheek and stands, holding her stomach. Preston still looks in shock but I go to my room. As I walk down the hall I notice that Mitch and I look different as a couple now, we used to be happy and didn't question a thing, and now, we're still just as happy but we question things and think before we do.

In my room, or rather, Mitch's and I's room, I change into clothes, I don't care how late it is I wanted to wear pajamas. Anyway, I slip off my clothes so that I'm down to a bra and underwear and sift through my clothes. I put on my floral jumper that fits like a glove. It's floral and pink and goes down to my mid thigh, and has stringy straps. I also put on my black sandals. Then, I slip my hair into a ponytail and put on my circular pendant from my mom.

I walk downstairs and sit next to Mitch again who hugs me around my waist automatically. I look over and see that he's half asleep, he must have been dozing, and he does this when I get up to go to the bathroom and come back. He'll wrap his arms around my waist like I'm a teddy bear. Emily's alseep on the couch and Preston can be heard in the kitchen, probably eating. I flip through channels on TV before landing on Courage the Cowardly Dog, the technically banned episode where a girl cat runs away from her abusive dog boyfriend to be with another girl cat. I love this show, don't ask why, I just do. It was my childhood as I was about twelve when this show was going strong.

After that episode is done I change the channel to Disney to find that High School Musical 3 is on. I watch that, humming to the songs and dancing silently a lot. Then, a nagging thought reaches at the back of my mind. What if what happened to Chelsea, happens to Emily? I can't imagine her being able to recover the way that Chelsea did, thoguh Chelsea also had to focus on Josie. Maybe Emily won't stress out like Chelsea did.

Sophie and Tyler's wedding is soon, it's in about six months because they want it to be perfect. I think they deserve that in the least. Tyler's channel has been growing immensely, same everyone else's channels. Mitch is up to five million. Jason has about two million, Tyler has about one and a half million, and Preston is up to about two million. Each of us girls still do videos, just not as frequently and have about two million each. Emily has the most with 2,328,965 subscribers, while Chelsea has the least with 2,184,979 subscribers because of her time off for her pregnancy. People who subscribed to Jerome automatically subscribed to Emily after his death, almost as if she's carrying on in his name, and she really is.

Mitch doesn't care how many subscribers he has though, he still loves them yes, but if he still only had four, he'd be perfectly content. Same with the rest of us, though without his fan base, we wouldn't have met as we had, or for that matter probably connected.

I do notice, though, that since their engagement, Sophie and Tyler have been more open about their relationship. Yes, when we would watch movies, they'd cuddle and that in fron tof us but never really makeout or for that matter, kiss. Chelsea and Jason kiss and all that and same with Emily and Preston and Mitch and I.

I don't know why but I used to read on Wattpad, like a flipping ton. I have a whole section dedicated to Merome, which nowadays, makes me sad. I have a huge section for Mitch, and then general books and stuff. Some of my favorite ones are still being updated, it's hilarious, but I really don't mind. There are even some Malex ones, like how awesome is that?

It's hilarious how much Emily sleeps now, she's been asleep for about an hour now and so has Mitch. Preston went up into Ryan's room to talk to him.

I'm laying down and can feel sleep over taking me, to the noise of Mulan playing in the background on TV, I fall asleep.


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