Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

My sword didn't hit anything but the air, the Aswang was fast, that was for sure. I heard tik-tik to my left, somewhere in the forest, I turned but was pulled down from behind, the Aswang howled in amusement, her claws piled into my stomach. I sung my sword at her, instead of red blood, it was black. Thick black blood dripped from her arm to the ground

Status: Few injuries; a whole day.

"No!" She yelled, I pressed on and pierced her stomach. She screamed as I did, she looked at me with fury. I swung at her throat, but she pulled back. "This isn't any fun!" She said, in her raspy voice.

I kept on going, pushing and pushing at her, finally, the clearing was far behind us. Someone was still following. Trees surrounded me, a steep hill was to our left, what looked like shattered glass was scattered everywhere. How did this get here?

The Aswang kept trying to hit me with her claws, but every time, she missed. Finally, another clicking sound, I looked away, only for a second, and the Aswang was gone. Behind me, Zachary screamed for help. I ran, he looked injured, his leg was twisted in different directions, his whole body was cut and torn.

"Veronica, p-please help me," he shivered, "the Aswang g-g-got me..."

I leaned down, I wasn't quick to be fooled by her. I slammed my sword into Zachary's body, his scream wasn't his. It was the Aswang's. Her teeth shot right into my shoulder, her claws going down my arms. I didn't feel any pain but I knew it was there.

Status: It's getting pretty bad; two-three days.

I held my breath and pulled the tiger ashes from my pocket and let the dust drift out. She at first was confused but then started to choke, I got my sword and decapitated her, her head falling to my feet. Out through her neck, came her soul. I never thought this would happen. Before I could back away, it pushed me. Then went into the sky.

The sun started to be uncovered, and I was falling. Falling down the long, steep hill. I tried to do what I knew best, to get into a ball, but the tree roots weren't my friends, they probably broke a few of my ribs, maybe a few broken bones and the glass made it a lot worse.

My sword shrunk when I touched the bottom and the pain started to come back. I struggled for air as I stared into the sky. I wanted to die. Right here. Be with Anne, my mother, James right now. But Darakin wasn't going to let that happen anytime soon.

Status: Many injuries; a week.

A boy, the boy I helped, ran down to help me. Someone else, came down to help my too. One of them held my sword, and the both heaved me up the hill. My eyesight was blurry and getting dark at the edges. They laid me down against a tree and I made out who the other person was, James?

No, James died. He died in my arms. How was he here?

"J-James?" I whispered, my voice wouldn't allow me to go louder, he probably didn't even hear what I asked.

"Shh," he said, "you look really bad..." Best thing to hear when your boyfriend comes back from death. I couldn't talk much more after blacking out.


James's Prospective

I was standing in the field I knew all too well. The daisies were the lights and the sky was black, clouds were red, like bloody cotton. Darakin stood in front of me, I was dead. I had to be dead.

"I'm sure you know why you were here," Darakin said, picking a flower from the ground. He was probably one of the kindest gods. Which was odd to many. To me, it was obvious he was kind, if you see innocents unable to continue their live everyday, I would be a kind person, too.

"Yes, isn't there supposed to be a trial room? To determine if I'm going to various or not?" I asked. Darakin shook his head.

"There are two reasons I won't let you die. One, Zachary is desperately trying to get you to wake up with the ring of prosperity and his limited healing, he dragged you out of the fight of the dead and living. Veronica had ran off to kill the Aswang, her anger powering her, you died in her arms, after all. Two is because I feel like the world still really needs you. Veronica herself will die if Jake is the only one who tries to help her. And even though your father knows who he will crown if you die, you still need to be there to help him pick." Darkain informed, "so this is what I will do, I will send your soul back and you need to help Veronica, she's in the forest."

Before I could respond, I gasped to life. Zachary sighed in relief, "thank the gods..."

"I just did, now we need to go, follow me."


I made it to the forest to find a young boy, "Jake?" I asked, he nodded, this was the boy I had helped earlier.

"They're fighting, I don't know where they went though," he said, quietly, we walked and looked around. finally, we came to yelling. Veronica was badly hurt, but I knew it was alright, her sword was more magic than most celestial items. But that was only going to last for so long. The Aswang, an ugly creature, was choking on something.

"That's what I hoped she do," Zachary said, with a single swipe, her sword cut off the creature's head. It fell to it's knees and onto it's back, but it wasn't over the evil soul needed to get to the underworld, on it's way out of it's useless body, it pushed Veronica down the hill, and escaped.

"Stay here," I told Zachary, Jake and I ran down the hill. Glass littered the ground, I didn't know how it got there. We ran down the hill, Veronica, looked dazed and was taking small breaths, like it was a trouble. The sun had come back and the moon had passed by.

Jake and I each grabbed one of her arms and pulled her up, avoiding stepping in glass. We put her against a tree, she had claw marks everywhere, her face was bruised and her left trap had been bitten and blood flowed.

"J-James?" She asked, I smiled slightly.

"Shh," I said, I carefully put her sword into her sheath and took it off of her. "You look terrible," I said. Her eyes closed and Zachary had healed everything, leaving faint white scars.

"Jeez," Zachary said, "broken ribs, torn trap muscle, lots of torn flesh. She's fine now, but she'll be asleep for a while."

A giant walked out of the woods, we fought him before, he was ten feet tall and full of muscle, "huh, dead?" He asked, pointing to Veronica.

Zachary was about to spit something back at him but I cut in, "Yes..."

"Now she knows not to mess with the forest men," his hands were cut up, glass were poking out of his pockets.

"Did you put this glass here?" I demanded, he nodded and smirked, his mouth was folded into a smile. One thing about these guys, they are stupid. I wasn't exactly surprised when Sam's arrow went straight through his skull.

"That guys is so annoying..." Sam said, "Is she really, dead?" A man with black hair followed him.

"No," Zachary said, "She just needs to wake up."

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