My Magcon Dream

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My name is loreann Dallas,I'm sure you all know my brother,Cameron Dallas, Well he is the most amazing brother ever. We have grown apart , when we used to be really close. I have always been in love with matt! Matthew Espinosa! His eyes are so,so,so dreamy. Nash's are too but im in love with matt.

So I just moved and Cameron was away. So he didn't know because I didn't have his number,so I couldn't tell him I moved or where I moved to.

So he goes home and he goes to my best friends house to call me! He tells me to meet him at this really nice restaurant where tbey cook in front of you and you can get seafood,steak,and sushi,called SakeSushi. Its my favoriterestaurant. I meet him there he was lin a really good mood he said he was paying for it all.He tellsme he has a big question to ask me.

Nervously I say okay so ask me. He says that the guys are dying to meet me. I answer okay so what do you mean. He answers do you wanna go on tour for a month to orlando! I didn't wanna act to desperate so i say let me think about it over lunch,I think we both know what I was going to say.

So after lunch we get in the car.I answer "yes" he told me we leave tomorrow.Tomorrow I shout he said tomorrow the plane leaves at 4AM.

Cam then hurry and get me home so I can pack!You know it takes me forever to pack then he asks me if he could crash at my place. I tell of course he could and anytime. So I tell how one day i'm going to marry matt. He immediately looks down at his phone to text matt. Then matt facetimes us laughing. Matt says what is she 12 cam says no she is 17! Embarrassed Matt says let me see her.Then am says you can see her on the plane. I finally get packed and we go to bed.

The next morning I have to wake up Cameron he was pissed becausei was wearing makeup which i was wearingthe day before but he didn't care. Then he finally gets dressed. We get to the airport! I steo out of the car and all the boys mouth drop! I was wearingmy uggs,a bigs sweatshirtwith my intials on it and some tight black leggings and a messy bunn. Matt yelled i'm setting by her then i get on the plane raced to sit by me.Matt wins! He says are you sure your cams sister,your so hot and he is so ewww!I giggled i said dont be hating on my brother! He could tell i was kidding.Then he said I hear we will be married! My cheeks turned ht and red then matt i talked for hours.

We fell asleep he woke me up and we talked for three hours longer and we laughed! I was laughing i closed my eyes and he grabbedmy chin and kissed me! I said i liked that and we made out.

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