Chapter 2

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Joseph's POV

I could smell her. My wolf howled and clawed at me, desperatly wanting to be near her. I could smell her. The smell is thick and her intoxicating scent drove me insane. I looked around frantically. My few days journey to retrieve food for the pack had led me far East near rogue territory. When i neared a great field, I smelled her

It sent shivers down my spine. " We must find her... we need her..."

I reluctantly agreed. We followed the scent, deeper into the field. It lead to a beat-up looking farm house. Near the front were two girls. One wearing a lime green dress with what to seemed to be blinde hair. The girl next to her stood up quick... It was her. As my heart quickned pace, as did my step.

I heard her say to the smaller one, " Sally get inside. Tell Mama we have company..."

Sally ran inside. I didn't stop until I was inches from her. She looked as crazed as i felt. I extened my hand out to her and she took it without hesitating. I then grabbed her by her waist and pulled her into me. I heard her purr and to this i smiled. I look right into her eyes. Thet were a flourecent green. Her hair was a natural red. Not like a ginger but a ligit Blood Red. Her skin matched her hair so you could tell she was all natural. Her body was flawless except for the visable scars up and down her arms and shoulders. The ones on her shoulders were the deepest. It quickly angered me knowing that she had gone through pain. I instinctantly pulled her into my chest. She hugged me back and whispered, "My mate..."

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