Chapter 11 c:

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"So Here I Am, Im Right Back at It Again!"

Izzy's POV:

   I Got Out Of Nialls Range Rover Walking To The Front Door Without Saying Or Looking At Niall. Once he unlocked The door he tried to push me inside but I Slapped his hands Away. How The Fuck Is He Just Going To Try And Push Me Into The House?!

"God Dammit Iz How Many Times-" I Cut Him Off.

"No God Dammit You Will Listen To Me!" I Screamed At Him His Jaw Clenched as His Hands Formed Fists.

"How The Fuck Are You Going to Just Scream At Me And Blame Me For Something I Had No Power Over!" I Screamed." Its Your Fault!" I told him pointing At Him.

"Its Your Fault That I Was Taken By One Of So Called 'Close Mates'! Its Your Fault That You Killed His Loved Ones Driving Him Insane! Its Your Fa-" I was cut off my Nialls hand making connection with my cheek.

    I stood from the ground my cheek a stinging mess. I raised my hand to slap Niall but he grabbed it.

"You Will Not Hit Me," He said through gritted teeth.

"Fuck You," I spat, I raised my knee hitting him in his balls.

   He grunted backing away from me letting my hand go. I pushed him on the stairs before storming out of the house. I Dont Know Where I Was Going But I Didnt Wanna Be There.


short,I know sorry xc

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