-Arianas POV!!-

Keep calm Ariana. Today is just another show, it's nothing special.

This is what I was telling myself, over and over again but it didn't make any difference. Today was the final. THE FINAL. The day I had been working for for about my whole entire life.

If I didn't get through tonight into tomorrows show then I have come third. Third out of the whole country and a few people not in the country. Obviously getting through would be amazing but look at one direction, thy came third and they have basically taken over the world.

The car pulled up to the studios with me, Jane and Liam all sat in the back not daring to get out. We sat there for a while none of us speaking. All of us were breathing in sync and our breaths came out all shaky and nervous. It was so intense, you could cut the tension with a knife, no joke. It was so serious and I could feel my heart banging against my chest and Liam next to me was shaking and..

'Ummm, you need to get out' The driver said.

'Yeah, sorry' Liam said. I opened my door and Jane opened hers on the other side of the car. Liam followed me out and as soon as we shut the doors the car sped off.

Me and Liam were mates again and he said he was sorry and so did I and we are back to normal just now I know that he likes me. But me and Harry still hadn't spoken. It had been days. I wish he would speak to me. Even if it was hard for me but it's better that than not speaking to him at all. Not even a polite smile in the hallway. It made me feel like he never really cared. Especially if he got over it that quickly.

All three of us walked slowly towards the building. People working on the show were running around trying to find things and fit things into position and we all probably looked stupid walking so slowly but to them it was nothing. Just the last weekend before they can go home and break. But for us, this was the deciding point for the rest of our lives and it could seriously make or break us.

The second we walked through the door we had people pulling at us and separating us. I didn't even get a chance to say bye to the other two before I was whisked away into a rehearsal room to warm up my voice.

While I was warming up I had people around me putting things on my face and in my hair. So that when I was getting my face and hair done late I was still in 'perfect condition' or something. Once I had finished warming up then I had to sing through my songs and make sure they were perfect. Obviously they weren't, nothings ever perfect but they were as good as I could get them.

After that the whole day went by pretty quickly. Everything was really rushed and panicked. I had to eat my lunch while getting my hair done. Then after people had finished tugging on my hair for a hour I then had people slapping on make up for an hour. Then I got into my dress which was a slim, flowery dress which just touched the middle of my thighs and cream flats.

I was then pushed onto stage to practise my songs. The first one I practised went fine. I was singing with Tulisa, which really made me feel better. We sang Daydreamin'. A song I had written about Harry but today I was forgetting all that. I wasn't thinking about him or anything else. Today was all about tonight and getting through to tomorrows show.

When me and Tulisa had finished I then had to carry on to sing Baby I and You'll never know. Both written about Harry and Josh.

To be honest these songs just show how naïve I am. I was with him for like a couple of weeks and I was certain he loved me and I loved him. But it's all a lesson for next time. I needed to learn that lesson because without I it I would just keep on getting hurt and upset.

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