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Malia POV :

I wake up with a text from Matt, Gwynie, and my friend Claire.

Claire: "hey, maybe you want to grab lunch today?"

Gwynie: " Had a fun weekend! I have to drive up to San Fran for the week. Wondering if you could watch Toby?"

Toby is adorable of course I will. I get so excited when she needs me to watch him.

Matthew: "Just left for Virginia. I already miss you babe."

Awwww. I really want to cry. He is just the sweetest ever.

I reply to all the texts and once I reply to Gwynie's, she texts back with

"I'm pretty sure you already know everything but I'm going to tell you the basics. He needs to go on a mile long walk everyday, feed him one scoop of food that is in the bag(once in the morning and once at night) he loves attention and he WILL sleep with you. Go over and get him anytime because I have just left for SAN FRANCISCO GAWD I LOVE MY JOB"

I smile and also get a text from Claire, "Ok so is Panera Bread ok? The one by the beach? I will have to drive a bit but you could just walk? Haha."

"Yeah Panera is fine! I will see you at 12:30?" I reply.

"Definitely! Love that we could do this!"

"Same!!! C ya!!"

I get dressed into a simple beach outfit and walk over to Gwynie's. I get out the key that she hides in a plant and open the door. I smelt SO GOOD in there. I walk into the kitchen and find a bunch of cupcakes with a little note on the platter. "Thank you so much Malia! Toby was happy when I told him you were coming!" I taste the cupcakes and they are my favorite, red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Gwyn is such a great baker and when she makes Red velvet cupcakes, mmmmmmm life is good.

I hear Toby coming down the stairs. He is one adorable grey pit bull. He is so friendly and love able. After our little run, I take Toby back to my house and it is close to 12. I check all my social media and when I'm done it's already 12:20. I start walking to Panera Bread and meet Claire. Claire has always been a great friend. Since 1st grade. We had a lot to talk about since she now goes to a different school than me. We talked about going to MAGcon one of these days and she told me tomorrow she is leaving for NJ! I was so mad but little did she know I was going to see one of the MAGcon boys all summer. After lunch we went out and walked the promenade. We both got Henna tattoos and we sat on a bench.

I tweet : "hanging with @Clairexoxo at the beach. We got Henna tattoos be jealous."

She favorites and retweets my tweet. I scroll through and..........

I see a picture of Matthew and some girl.He is in a Hotel bedroom with her... WAS THIS LAST NIGHT!?! The caption says "Matthew and Ellie getting some cuddles in." The picture was on Carter's Twitter.

I told Claire everything about Matthew and I and she believed me and told me to confront him about it.

"Hey Matthew. I was scrolling through Twitter and saw this photo ( I added the photo) I don't want to be that girlfriend who worries too much so if you could you. Reply whenever babe!" I tried to sound not to worried but I wanted him to reply immediately which is exactly what he did.

"Oh Malia.....I'm sorry. I can't explain. All I can say is that I never knew we were that close. Yeah we kissed but, I just met you. I have known this girl forever and when I use to date her, she moved to Cali. I wanted to visit her and things got complicated."

"Yeah, things have REALLY gotten complicated. So, are we through or were we never anything?" I type as a tear rolls down my cheek and Claire comforts me.


"I need an answer. I can't just wait on you."

"Fine, we were nothing."

"Thank you." I type heartbroken...

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