the lie that changed everything

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two months later

sels pov:

well i woke up and did my normal routine but it was easter break so i didnt have to go to school so i was just lazying around when i got the erge to write a song i do that a lot well just thought id tell you that its been two months since the encident with the guys but I think that when lily was telling nothing was wrong something was not wright I didn't think she knew I could tell she was lying but oh well I decided to just drop it.

end of pov

sel:(I got my pen and song book off the shelf and stared writing a song)

just close your eyes please don't say goodbye just look away don't make me cry cause my heart is breaking I don't know what to do cause I still love you I wish I told you cause know my heart is broken all these words left unspoken now i want you to hold me close


before I leave tonight before I make it right I don't want to let go cause now you'll never know how I felt about you how I felt about you

when I see your smile it makes me feel so safe I just want you to know


before I leave tonight before I make it right I don't want to let go caue now you'll never know how I felt about you how felt about you

sel:"well I say that's a really good song"just then I heard a knock at the door I put my book down and ran to see who was the door (opens the door)

olivia:"hey sel"

sel:"oh my god olivia I haven't seen you in ages come in we have got to catch up"

olivia:(steps inside)

sel:(closes the door and walks over to olivia who is on the couch)"so hows my favourite sister"

olivia:"oh nothing much i caught my first deer yesterday it was awesome and guess what"


olivia:"i met this super hot guy called leo he is just to die for"

sel:"really im so happy for you but be careful young werewolfs can become really crazy ad aggersive very quickly"

olivia:"yeah i know the other day nick went off at miley for no reason he's been doing that a lot"

sel:"so there than meeting leo and catching your first deer what else has been happening"

olivia:"oh mum and dad got into another fight but this time mum got really hurt"(tearing up as she spoke)"and and mums in and she's not awake yet and they don't know if she's gonna make it"(crying really hard)

sel:"oh olivia its alright mums gonna be just fine ok"(I pull her into a hug and just then I got a smell of a different scent)

olivia:"sel I can't breathe"(not crying anymore and wipes her tears away and leans on selena)

sel:"oh sorry"(pulls out of hug and lets her go)"um olivia who's scent is that its denfintly not yours or any ones I know"

olivia:"oh that's proberly leos scent I stayed at his house last night so his scents around me"

sel:"you better not of done anything"

olivia:"no we didnt"

sel:"good"(pulls olivia into a hug)

olivia:"can't breathe again"

sel:"I'm sorry again"

olivia:"I guess I'm not as strong as you are yet but I'll get there"(laughing)

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