Chapter 29

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Looking back on the time passage of my second semester of my first year of high school was

weird. In some ways the semester dragged on and in some ways it flew by. I remember that I've never in my life had as much homework as I did that January. Every night I had hours upon hours of work. But not long after we went on a two week trip to Europe where Taylor was touring. I was excited to go and get away from school. Plus we would be in London for my birthday.

On the morning of my birthday I woke up to taylor shouting/singing in our hotel room.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR CAROLINE. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOUUUUU." She got into bed beside me when she was done with a plate of breakfast pizza. I was fully awake after that.

"You're fifteen! Oh my gosh!" Taylor said while I sat up and pushed some hair out of my face. She handed me a piece of breakfast pizza and the two of us sat there in bed cross-legged talking and eating for a long time. Taylor had already given me my present when we were in Nashville. One thing I knew about Taylor is that she was always really thoughtful when it came to gifts. Which is why she got me two concert tickets to Kenny Chesney for July. Her and I had just talked about how one of me and my dad's favorite singers is Kenny Chesney. So now me and him could go to a concert together when he got back.

The rest of my birthday was really nice. We went shopping in London and I got to watch Taylor perform that night. After her concert when we were back at our hotel Taylor brought out a birthday cake with fifteen candles lit in it. Andrea came into our room too and the three of us had the chocolate cake together.

Late that night after Taylor was asleep I snuck out of the bed we were sharing and pulled out an envelope from my suitcase. It was from my mom and I was supposed to open it on my fifteenth birthday. I opened the envelope as quietly as I could and read the whole letter without crying too loud. When I was done I put the paper safely back in my suitcase and crawled into the bed without Taylor waking up.

When we were in London we did a lot more sight seeing than we did when we were in Australia. A couple days after my birthday it was just me and Taylor out for a walk around London. It was a little chilly out since it was February, but we had our coats on. I saw Taylor check the time on her phone.

"We should probably head back soon so I can get ready to go to the arena, and you probably still have school work to do." She said.

"I can do it another time." I said regarding the school work. Taylor turned us around anyway and we started walking back in the direction of our hotel. Once we were in the vicinity of the hotel I could see a crowd waiting for our return. Taylor walked over to all the fans after giving me our room key. There were probably hundreds of people and I didn't want to wait that long. I walked up to the doors alone and Taylor yelled something about me getting homework done over her shoulder before taking a picture with a fan's phone.

The whole homework thing didn't sound nice to me so I flopped down on the hotel bed once I was back in the room. It was then that I realized just how happy I was. My dad would be coming back sometime in June and in the meantime I got to spend all my time with Taylor.

When Taylor came into our room I was still curled up in bed.

"Let's just take a nap before we go." I said. I was kind of kidding but Taylor got into bed beside me and shut her eyes. And that pretty much sums up how the rest of our Europe trip went-I took lots of naps. As usual.


I heard the pilot say over the speaker that we would be landing back in Nashville in less than five minutes. We had been in Europe for about two weeks. I looked down at Caroline who was asleep with her head on my lap. She was drained from traveling and so was I. I started running my fingers through her hair in attempt to wake her up without actually having to wake her up. It didn't work and soon we were on the ground.

"Caroline, we're here." I said softly while still in my seat because I couldn't get up. Her head moved slightly and I said her name again. This time she sat up. I got up and got my bag from above our heads. I was about to walk out, but when I looked back Caroline was still sitting up in the seat with her eyes closed. I sighed and went back over to her, I grabbed her hand and squeezed it lightly.

"Care you have to get up. We're in Nashville." She got up and wasn't grumpy but I could tell she was still half asleep. When we finally arrived back at my apartment I put my things down and got out the movie that I had told Caroline we could watch when we got home. I doubt she would stay awake for the whole thing. But she came into the living room with a big blanket like she was ready to watch it.

When the movie started she was curled up against my side and her head was resting in me. It didn't take her long at all to fall back to sleep. I was about to get up once in the middle of the movie since she wasn't watching it, but when I moved she would hug me and tell me not to go.

I decided just to stay since I had nothing more important to do. When the end credits rolled around I heard Caroline take a deep breath, she started squirming around and just when I thought she was fully waking up she settled back into me.

"Taylor?" I heard her tired, groggy voice say.

"Are you asleep?" I heard her ask.

"I've been awake this whole time." I told her. Without saying a word to me she got up and stumbled into my bedroom. I followed behind making sure she was okay and when I got through the door she was lying in my bed under all the blankets, almost asleep again. I thought about how close her and I had gotten over the last six months as I climbed into the other side of my bed. I used to have to tell her that it was okay to eat my food and now she will fall asleep on me and then migrate to my bed. But that was okay and I loved how close we were, lately I have found myself wondering what I'm going to do without her when her dad comes back.


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