Chapter 16

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Diane wakes up early and gets dressed so she can head over to Daryl's at ten like he said. When she gets there she notes that at least his yard looks normal, or as normal as a yard with work things collected up over time like truck parts and old cables decorating it can look. She parks her car beside Daryl's blue ford and gets out.

She knocks on the front door and waits for a few seconds. The door doesn't open so she assumes he didn't hear her so she knocks again. She's startled when she hears Daryl's annoyed yell from inside the house.

"I'm comin'! Jus' give me a fuckin' second! Damn."

Diane bites her lip at his tone.

She takes an involuntary step back when the door flings open and Daryl's looking down at her with an intense glare, but then his glare soften significantly when, she guesses, he realizes that it's her standing there.

"Come on in, girl." He mutters gruffly, past the cigarette dangling from his mouth. It looks like he just threw on some clothes from the way only two of the lower buttons of his shirt were buttoned, covering his stomach, but leaving the top wide open allowing her to see his chest perfectly; complete with a view of sparse curly hair and a couple of scars peeking out. He must notice her looking because he looks down at his chest and quickly starts buttoning the top part closed.

He clears his throat with a hint a pink staining his cheeks and shifts his weight. "Come on in." He repeats himself and pushes the door open a little wider and Diane steps inside.

She fails miserably at controlling the gasp that escapes her when she sees the insides of his house.

"Yeah... I know." She hears Daryl mumble quietly from behind her.

She turns to look at him and notices how tired he looks. She wonders if he was able to get any sleep. If he weren't sporting two black eyes already she knows that he would probably have dark circles under his eyes judging by the haggard look overtaking his features. She turns to look back at the destruction, mouth slightly hanging open.

"Does... does the rest of yer house look this way?" She turns back to look at him and he presses his lips into a thin line and gives her a glum nod. "Damn..."

She begins walking further into the living room to get a better look and Daryl trails behind her puffing on his cigarette. She scans over the room, taking a little longer to look at the murdered recliner. She continues to scan over the room and notices that his TV isn't sitting on its stand, and it's not a TV that someone would easily miss; it was actually a really nice flat screen TV. He bought it for himself when he felt he had the extra money to splurge. She knows this because when he got it he couldn't contain his excitement about the whole thing and ended up telling Jon about it.

"Did he break yer TV too?" She asks him and a look of misery crosses his face before it dissolves into something else, something she's not sure she likes the look of.

He shakes his head. "Mm-mm. He took it."

Her eyes widen. "He stole it?"

"Yep." He says curtly. "Don't worry I'll be paying them a visit real soon."


"Yeah. Him an' Tommy."

Diane frowns. "Don't do anything rash, Daryl. We don't need you goin' ta jail, for what... a TV?"

Daryl looks at her hard, with a scowl. "Don't worry about it."

It sounds more forced than it probably should have, but he got his point across because she doesn't think she'd make him change his mind even if he is planning something that could end with him in trouble.

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