Chapter 21

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I shrug. She narrows her eyes at me.

"What do you wanna hear?" I shrug.

"Everything." she says, completely changing the question. Before I can not-so-kindly tell her to go away, she starts interrogating me. "What happened yesterday? Is she okay? Where did you go? Was she followed? She didn't cut did she? What happened today? Where's Niall?"

"Don't fucking interrogate me woman! " I yell, she has no fucking right to know any of the shit that happened over the past two days. "Oh and good job with the make-up by the way, couldn't see any purple throught the layers of plastic you put on your boyfriend's eye."

"I found her jacket in the bathroom this morning. So you brought her here. There are cameras in this apartment." she crosses her arms over her chest,ignoring my attempt to annoy her away. "Do you want me to find out myself?" she raises an eyebrow at me. Fucking Horan. Always had a thing with security. I narrow my eyes at her.

"Fine." I seethe. "2 questions."

"Five." she bargains.

"2 or nothing." I begin to walk out of the kitchen and she follows, telling me that she'll take the two.

"What did she do?" Seriously, that's your question?

"Slept, showered, ate, slept, went home and we talked." I say bluntly. I'm only giving her what she asked for, nothing more.

"What did you do?"

I kissed her.

"You WHAT!?" Crap. I said that out loud. "My second question is why."

"You already asked your second, and that's your fourth." I sarcastically remark.

"I'll pay you." she says seriously.

"You honestly think I want your money?" I say with an amused smile on my face. This chick is hilarious.

"Okay, I'll tell Robin you punched Niall."

"Oh for fucks sake woman! Fine!"



"Why did you kiss Robin?"


We're sat on the sofa and Robin is babbling her head off. I don't think she's paying much attention to the small smile on my face. The way her lips form the words perfectly surprises me a bit. I've never thought of Robin that way before, but her eyes sparkle when she talks about something she loves. It makes me want to play her on repeat. Just her. Nothing else.

"Shrek is one of my favourites, with Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, the Rescuers first and second, Alice in Wonderland, Help! I'm a fish, God there's so many and I just love them to bits!"

I'm completely hypnotized and before she can finish her sentence, I slam my lips onto hers. She doesn't kiss me at first and I realize what I'm doing. But before I pull back, she moves her soft lips against mine and laces her hand through my hair. My hand finds its way to her hip and she pulls at my hair. She knows how to fucking turn a guy on that's for sure. I lift her up onto my lap and force my tongue through to hers, that resists against my attempt to take control.


"She's so passionate about things and she hasn't let her past affect her now. You have to have some respect for someone who can do that." I reason. "Plus she's hot." I add, so I won't seem to touchy feely.

What's-her-face's jaw drops and I can't be bothered to watch her reaction anymore. She'll probably try to interrogate me again, so I return to my bedroom.

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